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Howard Berger right on Cliff, right on Mats, not so much on McCabe

Some random thoughts on Howard's latest post, answering some well chosen fan emails. You can find the post here. Here are the highlights: On Mats S [...]

Stick a fork in the Blue Jays, says Cito and J.P Riccardi

The good news is that JP is alive. The bad news, if you are Ted Rogers, or anyone else on the ownership team is that your GM and Manager have, in ess [...]

Joe Nieuwendyk Special Assistant to Maple Leaf GM Cliff Fletcher

It was just a matter of time before it was official, but Cliff has hired Joe Nieuwendyk to help him out. Seems to be the common theme to hire recentl [...]

Jonas Frogren quote on joining the Maple Leafs-What Have I done

I can't believe I haven't read this somwhere else yet, but this is classic. In a story that confirms that he is leaving Farjestads BK Karlstad, the n [...]

Drive home without McCowan and tribute to the guy at Tim Hortons

Good morning from Pearson airport! Some random thoughts as I head off to Boston: I was driving home last night and figured it's a new week, McCowan [...]

Is Blue Jays General Manager J.P. Riccardi still alive?

All kidding aside folks, where is this guy? The only more elusive leader these days is Dick Chenney. Since J.P. fired his manger, John Gibbons, it a [...]

Stajan signs with the Leafs Jonas Frogren next

According to Globesports, Stajan signed a 2 year deal at 1.75m per year and Jonas Frogren should be the next domino to fall. According to the story, [...]

Owen Nolan a member of the Minnesota Wild

Off topic, but ex-leaf Owen Nolan is now a member of the Wild. per TSN 2 yrs , 2.75 per [...]

Howard Berger remains off base with Leaf Fans

It is nice to know Howard Berger reads the works of his critics. It would be nicer if his accounts were more accurate though. The problem leaf fans ha [...]

Larry Brooks slams the Maple Leafs Finger signing….again

I guess it's not bad enough in New York. The Rangers aren't providing enough material for his weekly Slapshots article, he too has to take a shot at [...]

Joe Nieuwendyk is going to formally meet with the Leafs

As first reported here (just kidding, just always wanted to say that!). TSN is reporting that Joe Nieuwendyk is going to meet with the Leafs brass th [...]

Eric Duhatschek slams Leafs…Again

Must be pretty quite out there in the sports world. A usually reputable reporter has reverted to the same old song and dance in ripping the Buds. Yo [...]

Is the next Maple Leafs GM a Moron?

Sorry, couldn't resist. This is classic though. You have to listen to Edmonton Oiler GM Kevin Lowe ripping into Anaheim GM (and soon to be Leaf GM?) [...]

Don’t confuse Glenn Healy story for news.

I admit, there is something to admire about Howard Berger. I mean, the guy gets to cover the leafs. He goes to most (if not all) practices, travels [...]

The Dan Boyle effect on Bryan McCabe leaving the Maple Leafs

Edit- as I write this, news breaks that the Leafs signed Mikhail Grabovski to a one-year contract. Dan Boyle has, according to many sources agreed to [...]

Is Dan Boyle going to join Rob Blake and the Sharks

TSN reporting that Boyle has agreed to waive his no trade and go to San Jose. Deal looks like this: Boyle and defenseman Brad Lukowich($1.65m) for [...]

Leaf updates on Jonas Frogren and Bryan McCabe

Nice piece in the National Post (yes they do have a sports section!) which you can find here. Here are the key take away's: On Jonas Frogen: "The n [...]

The new look Maple Leafs lineup?

I have been waiting for someone to take a stab at what the leafs lineup looks like as of now...and Globesports has done just that....I am adding in th [...]

Are the Blue Jays so bad, the fans are turning on the Media?

Here's your daily chuckle. Mike Wilner, the guy who does the Blue Jays pre and post game shows on the Fan590 has become a public enemy of many [...]

Maple Leafs Acquire Mikhail Grabovski from the Canadians

Let me put on my savant hat and predict what the local scribes are going to say about the latest move by Cliff: Who???? Can't be a good move? They ga [...]
12532542552565100 / 5119 POSTS