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Are the Blue Jays so bad, the fans are turning on the Media?

Here's your daily chuckle. Mike Wilner, the guy who does the Blue Jays pre and post game shows on the Fan590 has become a public enemy of many [...]

Maple Leafs Acquire Mikhail Grabovski from the Canadians

Let me put on my savant hat and predict what the local scribes are going to say about the latest move by Cliff: Who???? Can't be a good move? They ga [...]

Is Jonas Frogren the newest Maple Leaf D? Joe Nieuwendyk a Leaf too!

Gotta hand it to the the folks at GlobeSports for breaking this one...Cliff has said he is trying to sign a Euopean D who hasn't been in the nhl...wel [...]

Is Mats Sundin being slammed by the Eklund ?

Wow.... have you read what Eklund just wrote??? No? Here is the link Its brutal...the logic is flawed and man, does the guy proof read what he wr [...]

Finally, a good piece of analysis

If you read my last post, bashing the Toronto scribes, you will appreciate this.... Here at least someone (Daniel Tolensky) has done some homework o [...]

Mats Sundin to wait, Let’s hope no one waits for him

So #13 has told the world (no shocker) I am not ready to make a decision yet. I continue to hope that when he does finally decide there is no room fo [...]

Toronto Sports Media So Predictable

Did anyone have to read or listen to the usual suspects (or should I say lazy asses) who cover the leafs this morning? I mean, how freeing predictabl [...]

Could Mats Sundin return to the Maple Leafs?

According to TSN, Cliff has offered Mats a 2 year deal at over 7m per... The only question i have is why? I hope its just for PR.... Redden gone to [...]
Candid Cliff Fletcher on Bill Watters Show

Candid Cliff Fletcher on Bill Watters Show

Wow.... Anyone else just hear Cliff on with Wilbur? "we will be signing another defenceman in the next day or so" He then counted all his d- he lef [...]

Will Mats Sundin turn Ranger Blue, Will Sean Avery turn Maple Leaf White?

Happy shopping day. Rumors are all over that the Rangers are going to go hard after Sundin, while it appears that Cliff is going to make a strong pus [...]

Calderon- Signs with the Raptors

According to his own site, Jose Calderon has signed with the Raptors.... That was quick? [...]

Leaf’s Fletcher trying to make Bryan McCabe look bad…

According to Larry Brooks in the Nypost Cliff is trying to set up a deal that when or if Bryan McCabe turns down will make him look so bad to the fans [...]

Predictions for July 1, 2008….Joe Nieuwendyk and Big name D join the Leafs

Less then 4 hours (3 hours and 20 minutes to go ) until shopping begins in the NHL. While Mats has decided to be Mats and boo hoo, keep thinking if h [...]

Isn’t it obvious….Sundin remains as selfsih as ever

Here we are, one day left to start your free agent shopping, and Mats Sundin continues to show his true colors. He remains to be all about Mats. Whi [...]

Help Wanted- NBA/Raptor Blogger- must be a smart ass

In my attempt to make this blog complete on all Toronto sports I am scouring the Dubya Dubya Dubya for a raptors blogger- any help would be appreciate [...]

Of Jamal Mayers, Lance Hornby and Rhett Warriner

First off, it seems that Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun is my whipping boy of the week. Man, could this guy be any lazier this week. In today's sun [...]

Are the Maple Leafs going to tell Bryan McCabe to stay away?

DARREN DREGER, the newest insider is reporting this afternoon that in their latest discussions with Bryan McCabe, leaf management have given the impre [...]

Are the Buds really interested in bringing back Gary Roberts & Curtis Joseph?

Ok, so lets get this straight. "Rumor" has it that the buds are interested in bringing back both Gary Roberts and Curtis Joseph; kudos to the globe f [...]

Damien Cox – The Toronto Maple Leafs May Get It Right?

Wow...has hell really frozen over. Mister Toronto negative has written an article in which he actually suggests brighter days may be ahead. Don't be [...]

Eklund and Hockeybuzz get one right..

Well, as Mr. Eklund reported last night, Kyle Wellwood has been claimed by the Vancouver Canucks. More here.. [...]
12542552562575120 / 5121 POSTS