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Recession Hits Toronto Sports Scene-Updated

Recession Hits Toronto Sports Scene-Updated

I am getting word tonight that neither the Obama, Harper or McGuinty bailouts are enough to prevent The Score from laying off some folks. Never f [...]
Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

"Players Association founder Marvin Miller defended the union's conduct and accused the federal government and major drug-testing bodies of engagi [...]
He Hate Me…. A New Upstart Football League

He Hate Me…. A New Upstart Football League

Everyone remember the XFL? Arena Football...All unmitigated success stories right??? :) Well with the NFL and NFLPA about to head down the CBA ba [...]

An Article Worth Reading

With the escrow payments ballooning and the players losing (not loosing) all of the money being withheld, and the league suspending players for not be [...]

Don’t Cry For Me….

I hear what Damien and his pals are trying to sell this morning. I mean the outrage, the horror...While firms like Microsoft, Ford, GM and others ar [...]

It’s All Fun & Games Until….

The reality of the dim state of affairs that President #43 left President #44 hit home today. Sports, is supposed to be all about fun and games. It [...]

…. Buffalo Sabres Deny Kelly’s Story

Anyone surprised by this? "Absolutely not," Quinn told TSN on Monday. "We're not selling the team, we're not moving the team to Hamilton, there is ab [...]

Sabres in play?

I have lots to say on Simmons moronic column today, but before that, Jim Kelly apparently has a report in a western new york magazine that the Buffalo [...]

Layoffs Hit Sportsnet

Tough time all around. Sporstnet let 5 folks go today including anchor/reporter David Bastl. To all those who have been let go, here's hoping you bo [...]

Jays Layoff Employees

Layoffs are not funny. Pure and simple, layoffs suck. Quotes about layoffs????? "A team employee familiar with the cuts said the number of jobs to [...]

Don’t look now, NHLPA preparing for war

Buried in the Business section of The Star (like anyone who reads the star actually looks at the business section) is a story that should cause NHL fa [...]

LPGA instituting language requirement, others 2 follow?

Interesting story across the news wires this hour that the LPGA (that's ladies golf gents) is going to be making proficiency in English a requirement [...]
1 23 24 25492 / 492 POSTS