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Sabres in play?

I have lots to say on Simmons moronic column today, but before that, Jim Kelly apparently has a report in a western new york magazine that the Buffalo [...]

Layoffs Hit Sportsnet

Tough time all around. Sporstnet let 5 folks go today including anchor/reporter David Bastl. To all those who have been let go, here's hoping you bo [...]

Jays Layoff Employees

Layoffs are not funny. Pure and simple, layoffs suck. Quotes about layoffs????? "A team employee familiar with the cuts said the number of jobs to [...]

Don’t look now, NHLPA preparing for war

Buried in the Business section of The Star (like anyone who reads the star actually looks at the business section) is a story that should cause NHL fa [...]

LPGA instituting language requirement, others 2 follow?

Interesting story across the news wires this hour that the LPGA (that's ladies golf gents) is going to be making proficiency in English a requirement [...]
1252627525 / 525 POSTS