• I wonder if part of why the Fan seems to be punting a bit on afternoons (Good Show MUST cost a lot less than Tim & Sid did) is that they’re spending a lot more on podcasts? 31 Thoughts, Swing and a Belt and The […]

  • RE PTS – Even though I don’t enjoy Vendetta or Shannon as cohosts at all, I feel like I can’t really complain about them being on this week, as the recent Brunt/Deitsch alternating co host thing they’ve been doing […]

  • Mike Richards also says he has a big announcement on Thursday. Although he kind of oversold his last big announcement (which i think was basically just that he started a podcast), so it might not be a real earth shaker.

  • I thought TIm & Sid were a breath of fresh air on radio, and gave The Fan a really solid lineup. The structure of the show doesn’t seem to work as well on TV as it did on radio, and who’s even watching TV from 5-7 […]

  • @yaz – earlier this year they announced the PTS co host gig would be Deitsch half the time, Brunt half the time. I don’t think it’s a reflection of any discontent, just the parameters of the gig.

    I know the […]

  • I bought an Athletic subscription last December, and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. They’ve really done a tremendous job hiring writers who offer something unique that you want to go out of your way to read. That […]

  • Re Fan on air changes – Don’t see them messing with Blair or PTS. You’d have to assume Good Show would be a target for change?
    Ben’s grown on me a lot, but I’m not sure JD is ready for afternoons. I thought Adam […]

  • 100% I’d rather see Rogers gone than Atkins/Shapiro.

    We’ve had high payrolls for a couple years now, which is nice, but considering the value the Jays must bring to Rogers for the free TV content alone, there […]

  • Also – I thought Simmon’s apology re the Moore memo was actually pretty classy for a dude who often seems pretty combative.

  • Personally, I don’t think Brunt is treating the Jays with kid gloves… I just think he doesn’t want to be a rash, Sexeiro-esqe hot take dude who is incapable of nuance. It’s not like he savagely rips down the […]

  • @J – Steve Simmons tweeted that Darren Millard left Sportsnet to work on the Golden Knights broadcast.

  • People loved AA because of how great the 2015 season was, and he seemed like a nice guy, and was Canadian. I wouldn’t trade 2015, but going all in that year (and in 2013) absolutely put the Jays in the situation […]

  • Daniel commented on the post, Reading Recap 3 months, 1 week ago

    Thought Adam Wylde and Ashley Docking sounded good filling in for Blair. Almost had a morning show vibe.

  • Daniel commented on the post, Reading Recap 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Random thought: Good Show used to be a big tune out for me, but I think it’s getting much better. I think Ben Ennis has become a very good host, who doesn’t take things too seriously (which I like) without also […]

  • Daniel commented on the post, Reading Recap 4 months, 1 week ago

    Wonder who’ll take over HC at noon? Or maybe they shake it up. Personally I think sports specific shows like that are better suited to being podcasts.

  • Shannon always sounds like a cheerleader for the NHL. Most of the Canadian sports media does, really. That was one of the things that always drew me to McCown – he was always willing to rip the league to shreds […]

  • Interesting re Mike Richards.

    Although that 20.2 number seems … hard to believe. Not sure what “month ending/not averaged” means.

    Even so – I do think he has a point that the people running TSN Radio doesn’t […]

  • Jerry’s a legend, but I wasn’t enjoying his pairing with Siddall that much. I think Jerry needed to be paired with someone with a harder edge or it all sounded a bit too smiley and old fashioned. And a bit dull, […]

  • I know not everyone feels the same way, but I’m really enjoying the Wagner/Wilner play by play combo. Interesting that both Ben Ennis and now Alex Seixero seem to have had tryouts as Jays talk host/3rd man in the […]

  • I hate Rogers as much as anyone, but sometimes I find the conspiracy theory stuff really tiring.

    “Clearly Rogers has invoked the cone of silence on the Osuna subject.”

    A) They have talked about it on The Fan. […]

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