• @Steve in Waterloo and @Rob I’ve seen far more consistency this year from the CFL’s schedule than I have in years past. No Monday-Wednesday games outside of Canada Day and Labour Day and far more Friday and […]

  • No questioning of why SN’s number one guy suddenly upped and left.

    That’s my point though. He was the number one guy on SN’s hockey lead-in show. You would think that if he were to want to leverage that part o […]

  • It appears Darren Millard now works for the Vegas Golden Knights broadcast crew. Should we read anything into the state of hockey media jobs in Canada? I mean, presumably if you could stay in Canada and cover a […]

  • The “less is more” model is worth studying in the States. Sunday Night Football, which used to be the black sheep of the weekly schedule before NBC took over, is now the highest rated program in America. That’s […]

  • SN has the national hockey rights and has recently let a ton of well-known personalities go. Conversely TSN does not have the national hockey rights and has re-upped Bob Mackenzie for 5 more years. Both […]

  • Not sports related, but Rogers Media laid off a ton of people from Breakfast Television across the country last week. It goes without saying things aren’t good at Rogers. Maybe the NHL deal was a double-edged […]

  • With regards to the TSN coverage of NHL free agency, I both get it and I don’t get it. As far as I know their ratings on big NHL news days (trade deadline, free agency, etc) have always beaten Sportsnet’s. […]

  • @Sperk,
    Hockey’s in an interesting spot in this country right now. It’s our national sport, but as Sportsnet’s difficulty with the NHL deal has shown, that love doesn’t come at any price. More intriguing to me […]

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