Best NHL Odds In Ontario

Looking for the best NHL odds in Ontario? You’ve come to the right place. Ontario is home to many online sports betting apps that feature various ways to bet on the good old hockey game. BetMGM, FanDuel, and BetRivers are all among the US-based sportsbooks that have come to Canada.

Sportsbooks With The Best NHL Odds 

DraftKings Ontario   

Why We Like It: Best overall betting experience

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BetMGM Ontario

Why We Like It: Best for new bettors 

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Caesars Ontario

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What Sports Betting Apps Are Available In Ontario

All the major gaming operators, including the sportsbooks mentioned above, feature apps now available in Ontario. New users can typically find sign-up specials and incentives for new customers. AGCO legislation forbids us from going into detail on these specials. Take advantage of the promotions since it’s an easy and effective way to boost your bankroll in the early going.  

An easy tip to remember: Ensure that you’re downloading the DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino app. This is a separate platform from the DraftKings daily fantasy option, which is currently unavailable in Ontario. You’ll be downloading the right app by using affiliate links on this page.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the registration process is simple. You’ll provide some personal information such as your name, address, email, and age. You must be 19 to bet legally in Ontario and live within the boundaries of the province. You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your email address, then choose a password for your account and get ready to start betting on some hockey. 

Funding options may include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, money-wiring services such as MoneyGram, and even Bitcoin in some situations. Not all of these will be available at the sportsbook you choose. It’s important to check with each sportsbook to find out what options exist when it comes to funding your account. 

While all sportsbooks will allow you to bet on the NHL, it’s important to note that odds will vary at different books. Always shop around for the best price on any NHL wager. The following boxes provide great odds on multiple NHL betting markets.


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What Types of Bets Can You Make On The NHL?

The most popular options among NHL bettors include bets on the moneyline, puckline and total. Let’s use the following chart to illustrate how you can make each of these bets for one game. 

Boston Bruins+1.5 -220O6 -105+100
Toronto Maple Leafs-1.5 +180U6 -115-135

This real-world example came from DraftKings for a prior game at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. Let’s assume you are a Maple Leafs fan, and you think Toronto will just win the game outright. You’d need to bet $135 on the moneyline to win $100.

But, if you like the Leafs to win by at least two goals, put $100 on the puckline (-1.5 goals) to win $180. The OVER/UNDER total for the game is set at 6. The total is juiced to the UNDER (-115), which means it will cost you more to bet on that outcome.

DraftKings entices bettors to bet the OVER with a lesser outlay at -105. The goal for any sportsbook is to take equal money on both sides of the line with any bet. This protects them from liability and allows them to profit from the juice paid by all those players on the losing side. In any case, the teams need to combine for more than 6 goals to go OVER the total in this game. 

What Really Happened In This Game – Did You Win Your Bets?

Toronto defeated Boston, 5-2. The Maple Leafs easily covered the -1.5 puckline, meaning you won $180 on a $100 wager. Your $135 Toronto bet on the moneyline brought back $100. You also cashed if you wagered $105 to win $100 on the OVER for the game’s posted total of six, as a total of seven combined goals were scored.     

What Are NHL Futures Bets?

As the name suggests, these wagers revolve around future outcomes. One of the most popular future bets involves betting on which team will win the Stanley Cup Championship at the season’s end. Odds are available on every team in most cases, and they will fluctuate over the course of the season based on a team’s performance. Let’s use this example from FanDuel in early November:

Stanley Cup Outright Betting 

Check here to see the latest Stanley Cup futures odds. Let’s say that the Toronto Maple Leafs are +1600 or the equivalent of 16-1 to win the championship. Thus, a $100 bet on the Leafs here would bring back $1,600 if they win the Stanley Cup. A reminder to see what other books are offering because these are dynamic odds that can swing wildly over the course of a season. 

Let’s stay with the Maple Leafs and explain two other ways to place future bets on them. Toronto plays in the Atlantic Division of the NHL’s Eastern Conference. You can bet the Leafs to win the division (+400) or the conference (+850). $100 bets on both would win you $400 and $850, respectively. 

FanDuel also offers a futures bet on who’ll win The President’s Trophy, which essentially means the team who “wins” the regular season. NHL teams accrue points with wins and ties during the season. The team with the most points at the end of the regular season captures The President’s Trophy. 

FanDuel had the Maple Leafs at +1600 – the same odds posted for Toronto to win the Stanley Cup championship – and the Ottawa Senators at a whopping +25000 in early November. Ottawa was tied with several teams as the longest shot on the odds boards. The Senators have never won the Stanley Cup in their franchise history, and the prospect of a first championship looks unlikely based on these odds. 

How To Bet On Individual NHL Players (Prop Bets)

Another fun way to get action on an NHL game is to bet on the performances of individual players. Proposition bets, better known as prop bets, have become increasingly popular during the expansion of sports betting in North America.

Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers is one of the NHL’s most prolific offensive players. You can make bets on the number of goals, points, and shots he has in any given game. Odds on McDavid scoring a goal against the NY Rangers in a previous game were +106 at BetRivers. Odds will tend to be higher for other players as McDavid is a frequent offensive contributor.

Shots On Goal By Connor McDavid Vs. The NY Rangers (including OT)

Total ShotsOdds
Over 3.5-148
Under 3.5+105

This was the 10th game of the season for McDavid and the Oilers. With this contest being played on home ice at the Rogers Center in Edmonton, and factoring in McDavid’s average stats in the first nine games, the suggestion here would be to bet the OVER. McDavid averaged 4.88 shots in his first nine games.

Keep in mind, too, that you don’t have to bet $100 on every wager or prop bet. In this case, the -148 has this prop heavily juiced to the over. Instead of playing $148 to win $100, you could play $74 to win $50. It all comes down to your own bankroll, assessment of value, and risk tolerance. 

How Did The Bets on Connor McDavid Vs NY Rangers Turn Out? 

Edmonton prevailed in a classic 6-5 OT thriller against New York. If you bet $100 on McDavid to score a goal, congratulations are in order, and you are $106 richer. The bad news here? He only produced two shots on goal, so if you played the over 3.5-shot prop, you lost $148 in trying to win $100.  

In-Game Live Betting Odds On NHL Teams 

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get a bet in before the opening faceoff of your NHL game. Just because the puck dropped to start the contest, that doesn’t mean you are shut out of the action. Major sportsbook operators allow bettors to place in-game wagers on the eventual outcome for winning side, total and more.

Instead of pre-flop (or wagers made before the game), sometimes it’s prudent to watch the beginning of a game to get a feel for how each team is playing, and whether it looks to be a high- or low-scoring affair. You need to understand that the bookmakers will be closely following the action, too, and setting then adjusting the lines accordingly on a real-time basis. If you’re just starting out as a novice NHL bettor, give it some time before you delve into this type of wagering. 

NHL Partnerships With Sportsbooks And Other Gambling Entities

From a league perspective, the NHL has already inked a deal with DraftKings for the company to become its official sports betting and daily fantasy partner. The Toronto Maple Leafs, through the Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) group, has a deal with Flutter Entertainment. FanDuel and PokerStars are the most recognized brands under that group. Bet99 was the first sportsbook to be affiliated with the Ottawa Senators.

In the US, the trend started in 2018 when the Vegas Golden Knights and William Hill US entered into the first agreement between an NHL team and sportsbook. Another recent link formed between the Nashville Predators and Bally’s Corporation in a sports betting partnership. Expect to see even more deals unfold as the commercial market expands in North America.


How popular is betting on the NHL in Ontario?

Hockey is king in Canada. It’s fair to say that the old cliché holds true for hockey betting, as well. OLG cited a recent poll of its customers, with more than 60% saying hockey was their favorite sport to bet on. That activity is now available through commercial operators throughout Ontario.

Do the province’s legal sportsbooks take bets on the NHL?

Yes. A large number of sportsbooks are now available for betting on the NHL in Ontario. Note that legalized options are only available within the Ontario province. We recommend only looking at legal options as they provide extra security for consumers, better odds availability, and more opportunities to score betting incentives.

Are DraftKings and FanDuel legal in Ontario?

Yes, both DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook are available in the Ontario province. These are both licensed by the AGCO and approved by the iGO. Both platforms have a number of different NHL betting markets, both game-by-game and in futures odds. There are some differences in markets between the two, but most options to choose from will be the same. Odds will certainly fluctuate, so check them both to find the best value.

How Are Vegas Betting Odds On The NHL Calculated?

Oddsmakers establish opening lines for NHL games with the aim of attracting even money on both sides of the bet. The public responds to the opening number by betting on their chosen side. Sportsbooks then adjust the odds accordingly until the game is played. 

Can I Bet On The Stanley Cup Champion In Ontario?

Yes, Stanley Cup futures odds are always available at a wide variety of sportsbooks. The outright winner for the Stanley Cup is the most frequently available market across the industry. These tend to be available year-round, almost immediately after the current season’s champion has hoisted Lord Stanley’s trophy.

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