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A large portion of sports bettors focus on sides and totals when gambling. However, there’s a lot more action to be had in the market beyond these simple bets. The NFL has become a trendier league to select player props, including how a quarterback performs, how many yards or catches skill players can gather, and touchdown scores.

The NHL features numerous player props to consider every night. Various sportsbooks allow bettors to select how many goals, assists, points, or shots on goals particular players can get in their matchup. If bettors are feeling lucky, they can increase their odds with a player to get multiple digits in these categories. More specialized props may also be available, including powerplay points and goaltender stats (like goals saved).

Markets for player props vary depending on the sportsbook. Goals are the most traditional statistic and virtually any player can be selected on either team. DraftKings features odds on all players, and if a player scores first or last in a contest. FanDuel offers unique player prop combinations, such as a player to score a goal and their team to win.

Advice For Selecting NHL Player Props

Points, Shots On Goal Are Very Successful

Goals have a similar vibe with touchdowns in the NFL. Top athletes have the lowest odds on the board, and those jump up significantly as the roster fleshes out. There are also typically options to wager on the first or last goal scorer of a contest. While it’s a lot of fun when wagers hit, plenty of risk is involved when betting on these props.

In the long run, more profitability can come under the following player prop categories: points and shots on goal. Obviously, there’s a much higher chance for a player to get a goal or assist than just one of those categories. There’s many instances where one goal can feature two players getting an assist. In low-scoring affairs, shots on goal can be a useful category as players will get more aggressive on offense as the match goes on.

Parlay Odds With Significant Juice

Odds for goal scorers are more profitable than other categories, but don’t be afraid to take on that juice. Star players in a potentially great matchup can see odds get close or blow past -200, but that can be negated by adding another player in a parlay. Selecting two players that have a great chance to collect a point in a game tends to be more successful than one player grabbing a goal or getting at least two points.

Find The Projected Highest-Scoring Games

Games that are expected to be high scoring will, in turn, feature more opportunities for players to collect goals, attempts on goals, assists, and points. Always keep an eye out for how strong the team’s offense and defense are in the matchup. If both teams are among the top five in defense statistically, it may not be a particularly great game to place player prop bets on.

It’s Worth Following Player Production Trends

Similar to baseball players that tend to get hot with the bat during a season, player production can come in bunches with hockey. Review how a player has performed recently before placing a bet on them. If a player has really been knocking in assists lately, and his team is expected to score a lot in an upcoming matchup, that’s probably a good option to punch in for getting an assist or at least one point in the game.

In reverse, sports betting can also consider taking the under when looking at some prop bets, including points and shots on goal. Playing this way can be a little stressful at times, especially if only one goal, assist, or point is needed. Remember that if a player does not end up playing, the under bet doesn’t count – it will end up being void.

Keep An Eye Out For Injury Reports

Regardless of what type of bet is being placed, it’s important to follow who is active and will play in the game. That’s especially important when factoring in player prop bets. Check to see line combinations and projections for the potential team being bet on. If one team is putting in a backup goalie with little experience, it’s probably worth putting in some player prop options for the other side.

NHL Player Props FAQs

Where are NHL player props available?

Ontario sportsbooks, such as DraftKings and BetMGM, have a full assortment of player props, including shots on goal, assists, and points. Various market availability will differ based on the platform.

How do I place wagers on NHL player prop bets?

Player props are generally not featured on the main NHL sportsbook pages or menus. Where these are found will vary based on the sportsbook. For example, DraftKings has them listed under a “Player Props” section and a submenu features the various props categories. On FanDuel, bettors have to select a specific contest and few the props under a specific category, such as “Player Goals” or “Player Points.”

When are player props available to bet on?

NHL player props are generally available at the beginning of the day the matchup takes place. All props are subject to change throughout the day based on news surrounding that matchup.

Why aren't players and/or props available for a specific category?

Typically, bettors can select any active player to score a goal in a contest. For other prop bets, such as points or shots on goal, these may be limited in player selection. It’s worth checking out a handful of sportsbooks to determine if a player is offered in a particular category.

Why are some players listed at "1.5 points" instead of "0.5 points?"

Points can be one of the safer prop bets even with additional juice, but some star athletes have the potential of generating strong, consistent offensive production. In these situations, sportsbooks can boost these players to 1.5 points instead of the typical half-point threshold. These props are often available with higher odds. Oddsmakers decide on this based on matchup and scoring potential.

What happens if a player I bet on doesn't end up playing?

Placing a prop bet prior to the announcement of a player not participating in the game happens often. If the player is scratched, all bets are considered void and the money will be given back. However, if they do play in the contest at any time, the bet counts regardless of how long they play or if they have to leave due to injury.

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