2023 Super Bowl Odds

With the NFL’s recent growth in popularity across Canada along with the imminent expansion of online sports betting in the country, specifically Ontario, Super Bowl LVII will no doubt be a top attraction for bettors across the Great White North. Below are the current 2023 Super Bowl odds you can find from multiple online sportsbooks.

Current Super Bowl LVII Odds

The Rams may be the defending Super Bowl champs with a 2022 victory under their belt, but the 2022-23 season has a solid list of contenders. Here are the current odds for Super Bowl LVII, taking place in 2023.


As you’d expect, there’s not much variation across the major sportsbooks coming to Ontario. The Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are largely favored to become the Super Bowl champs next year, but a lot can happen between now and then.

Where Can I Bet On The Super Bowl Online in Ontario?

Every online sportsbook that is legally available in Ontario features Super Bowl odds. Futures to win the event outright are the most popular bet that can be wagered. Other markets, such as what teams or divisions will be represented in the big game, will differ based on the sportsbook. Legal sportsbooks are platforms regulated by the AGCO and have a commercial agreement with the iGO.

How To Place Bets Online For The Super Bowl

To sign-up with a sports betting app, you will first need to register an account with them. The process is simple and just requires giving some personal information and setting some account preferences. After you do this and your information is verified, you activate your account and you’re all set.

How Do I Deposit Money Into My Sportsbook Account?

After you’ve activated your account, you can deposit money in multiple ways, including the following:

  • Mastercard/Visa (Credit and/or Debit Cards)
  • INTERAC E-transfer
  • PayPal

More or fewer options could be available based on the sportsbook. Not all methods for deposit will be the same as withdrawal, as we’ll discuss next.

How Do I Withdraw Money From My PROLINE+ account?

Withdrawing money from a sportsbook account requires you to have a bank account, e-wallet, or similar. You’ll have to upload banking documents containing certain personal information to be verified and the verification process typically takes less than 5 days. Once verified and you’ve submitted a withdrawal request, funds are deposited directly into your bank account or similar within 3-5 days.

How Are Super Bowl Odds Calculated?

Put simply, odds are calculated based on how well (or how poorly) a given team is performing at a given time. The odds for teams to win the Super Bowl will fluctuate throughout the year, depending on how a team is currently playing, the schedule of teams they will be facing throughout the season, injuries, and other factors.

For instance, if a team were to lose a key piece of their team (such as their quarterback), you would see the odds for that team to win the Super Bowl drop dramatically. If a contending team were to acquire a key player (let’s say a shutdown cornerback), however, their odds would likely increase. Sportsbooks are constantly adjusting and reacting to new pieces of information as the offseason and regular season unfolds throughout the year.

Here is an example bet:

Let’s say you placed a $100 wager on a team to win Super Bowl 56 with odds of +600 and they go on to win. In this case, your payout would be $600 PLUS the $100 you wagered, for a total of $700.

If the team loses, however, your $100 goes to the sportsbook.

What Kind Of Bets Can I Place On The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is one of the single largest betting events of the year. For last year’s Super Bowl, it was estimated that half of all Americans bet on “The Big Game” to the tune of over $4 billion. Part of the reason it attracts so many people and so much money is the wide variety of different wagers you can place. Some examples are:

  • Moneyline
  • Point spread 
  • Point total
  • Single-game parlays
  • Player props

The bets above can only be placed once the two teams facing off in the Super Bowl are known. During the offseason and throughout the regular season leading up to the Super Bowl, you can place a futures bet.

What Is An NFL Futures Bet?


A futures bet is exactly what it sounds like – placing a bet on a future outcome. As far as the Super Bowl is concerned, a futures bet would be choosing the team you think will win at the end of the season. Some other NFL futures bet examples are win totals and player totals.

Win totals are the most common and you’re wagering whether a team will have over or under a certain amount of wins (i.e. 8.5). Player totals include betting on how many passing yards, rushing yards, or receptions a particular player will have.

What Is A Super Bowl Prop Bet?


A prop bet (or proposition bet), is a wager you can place on a particular player or event that doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the outcome of the game. During the regular season, these are things like how many passing yards a quarterback will have or how many receptions a wide receiver will have.

Each event is assigned a number, and you bet over or under that total. The Super Bowl will have prop bets no other game has, such as the length of the national anthem, the result of the coin toss, and what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning head coach.

Strategies For Betting On The Super Bowl

If you’re betting on the Super Bowl, it’s important to understand the current state of each team: their strengths, weaknesses, injuries, etc. Being that there are two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, you’ll have plenty enough time to pour over everything you need to know. Here are some other strategies you can use for betting on the Super Bowl:

Alternate Lines

Let’s say the point spread on the Super Bowl is 3.5 points, but you believe Team A will cover that line easily. Most sportsbooks will offer “alternate lines” that allow you to bet on a point spread other than what is set for the game. This will also allow you to get better odds and the ability to win more money on your wager.

Fading The Public

A common phrase you may hear when it comes to betting is “fading the public”. What this means is finding out what the majority of the public believes is going to happen, and bet the opposite. 


When sportsbooks offer certain lines for games, those numbers aren’t set in stone. Sportsbooks will react to the odds depending on the amount of money coming in for one side of a bet. Let’s say you bet on Team A to cover a point total of -2.5, but then later in the week, it moves to -4.5.

You could bet on Team B at +4.5 in hopes of winning on both sides of the bet. If the score of this game were to be 28-24 in favor of Team A, you would win both of your bets on each team.

Super Bowl Odds FAQ

Is betting on the Super Bowl in Ontario legal?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Ontario, as is placing wagers on the Super Bowl. Popular mobile apps like DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars Sportsbook have various markets for the NFL’s biggest event.

Where can I bet on the Super Bowl online in Ontario legally?

All mobile sportsbooks, both commercial and government-run options, feature some sort of Super Bowl odds. The types of betting markets will differ based on the sportsbook selected. Market examples include Super Bowl matchup prediction, teams to win the conference championship, division representatives in the Super Bowl, etc.

How old do I need to be to bet on the Super Bowl?

Bettors need to be the age 19 or older to play in the province of Ontario. This age alters in different provinces in Canada.

Is placing an online bet for the Super Bowl safe?

Yes, but only through licensed and registered sportsbooks. To ensure that the betting platform is legal, look that it is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and that they hold an agreement with iGaming Ontario (iGO).

Can I place live bets on the Super Bowl?

Yes, most online sportsbooks will allow players to make bets during the Super Bowl. The number of markets available and what types of betting markets are offered will depend on the platform. Types of bets most commonly offered include what result the current drive will be and who will score the next touchdown.

What kind of prop bets are available in Ontario for the Super Bowl?

Both team and player props are available to bet on, with some markets becoming available closer to the event occurring. Player props include total rushing and passing yards, total catches by a receiver, total pass attempts by a quarterback, Super Bowl MVP, and many more.

Can I bet on events happening off the field?

Some sportsbooks may offer niche markets for Super Bowl betting. Those options include the coin toss result, length of the national anthem or halftime show, the color of Gatorade thrown on the winning coach, and more.

Who is the current Super Bowl odds favorite?

Check near the beginning of this page to find out who is favored to win the upcoming Super Bowl. These odds will update with the best odds available, and the top team is generally the pick most sportsbooks believe will win the NFL championship at this point.

When is the NFL Super Bowl normally held?

The NFL Super Bowl event has continued to be pushed back over the years as the regular season alters. In recent history, the Super Bowl has taken place on the first Sunday in February. With an 18-week schedule, the Super Bowl will now be held on the second Sunday in February annually.

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