Real Money Online Craps In Canada

For players who want to play real money online craps in Canada, there are a number of choices. This exciting game of chance is available online for Canadians if you know where to look. Real money online casinos with craps are available in every province of Canada. Sweepstakes casinos in Canada also offer craps with the chance to win cash prizes. Finally, there is also the option of playing craps in person at land-based casinos in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and other provinces. 

Where To Play Real Money Craps Online In Canada

Canadians who want to play legal online craps for real money have a few choices. While online gambling has been made legal with the passage of a bill in the Senate, each province has its own rules. Ontario is the first to put a legal regime in place and most other provinces will probably follow in the future. 

For now, residents of Ontario can play craps starting April 4, 2022, with legally registered online casinos. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates. Residents of other provinces will have to either use their province-run online casino site, or one of the registered casinos in nearby US states, such as DraftKings Michigan or Tropicana New Jersey.

Here are the online casinos with craps in Canada that are coming to or are already in the country. 

Online CasinoCraps Games Available
DraftKings Casino Canada DraftKings has real money DK Craps available on its site or on the DraftKings iOS and Android apps.
BetMGM Casino CanadaA First Person Craps online casino, BetMGM is one of the most well-known online casinos with craps in Canada 
BetRivers Casino CanadaComing from Evolution Live Casino, BetRivers has First Person Craps with the famous “Go Live” button 
FanDuel Casino    FanDuel allows players to play craps on its new game, called First Person Craps.
Tropicana NJ CasinoTropicana’s online Craps games have an impressive Return To Player (RTP) of 99.73%.

Tips For Playing Online Craps Games In Canada

Craps is an exciting game of chance. Online and real craps operate the same way, with minor differences in setup and the overall atmosphere. One advantage of online craps is that you don’t have to invest too much or have much skill. Luck is all you need to hit big, as well as a bit of online craps strategy. These are the ins and outs of the game. 

How To Play Craps

For new players, the craps table may seem a little intimidating. And it is in some respects. Start with the basics: craps is a dice game in which players try to match points rolled by a pair of dice. That’s why it’s a game of chance. There are two types of bets you can make single roll bets and multi-roll bets. This is how a game is played.

Your first bets are multi-roll bets. A minimum bet on either the “Pass” or “Don’t Pass” line is how you start. After a starting bet is placed by each player a “come out” roll is made. Before that come out roll, there will be a round symbol that says “Off” on the table — this will be important later.

There are several types of bets in craps. If you bet the Pass line, you’re betting that a 7 or 11 lands on the come out roll. If the number is a 7 or 11, all Pass line bets are paid out at even money. If 2, 3, or 12 lands the Pass line bet is lost and it’s “craps”, which is where the game’s name comes from. If you or another player made Don’t Pass bets, you win and are paid out 1:1.

When any of the other six numbers are rolled, that number becomes the shooter’s “Point” number for the remainder of their shooting round. The “Off” button will be changed to “On” and placed above the number. After any more bets have been made, the shooter will roll the dice again until a 7 or the Point number is rolled.

Pass bets win, Don’t Pass bets lose if the Point number is rolled. If a 7 is rolled, Pass bets lose, and Don’t Pass bets win. A new shooter takes over after one of those numbers is hit, and another come out roll, as well as another minimum Pass/Don’t Pass bet from any player, is required. Remember, if you’re playing by yourself online, you will be the shooter.

Online Craps Betting Odds

Since craps is a game of chance and luck, the more unlikely an outcome is, the more you’ll get paid out. The payout for the Pass line and Don’t Pass Line is an even 1 to 1. So you can double your money or lose your bet. Aside from that, the payouts differ considerably from one bet to the next.

When the game is underway and you have a pass line bet, for example, “Pass line odds” is an option. If the roll is a 4 or a 10, the payment is 2 to 1 if you click the odds button.  The payout is 3 to 2 if the roll is a 5 or 9. The payout is 5 to 6 if the roll is a 6 or 8. Basically, a Pass line odds bet can increase the payout opportunities of a Pass line bet. Between throws, you can click the odds button again to switch it off and on.

Online Craps Props Bets 

These types of bets are not for beginners. They come with a significant edge to the house, so it’s best for experienced craps players to try these. Most prop bets are single-roll bets. They are unique in that they either win or lose on the following roll of the dice. They can be made at any stage of the game. A particular, less common category of a prop bet is the Hardway. Hardways are a type of proposition bet in which the outcome is determined by multiple dice rolls. These stay active on the board until they either win or lose.

Live Dealer Craps Games At Legal Online Casinos

Players curious to know what live dealer craps is will be happy to know that it’s a way to make the real-world excitement of craps transfer to the online casino experience. And is live dealer craps available in Canada? Thankfully the answer is yes.

Live Dealer Craps 

Live casino games online offer a unique spin to things: a live human dealer. Working from a remote studio with live video streaming them onto your device, this human experience really brings a new and refreshing spin to live dealer craps.  Unlike in a land-based casino, where you may physically throw the dice when you play live craps online, the dice are handled by a machine. The benefit of playing live dealer craps at any online casino is that there is always a game going on.

Online Casinos In Canada With Live Craps

For now, we will have to wait and see which casinos are expected to offer live craps online in Canada. If Betway Casino launches in Ontario, that is one casino that already has live craps at its US branches, so it should offer live craps in Canada too. 

Craps Bonuses In Canada

Legal online casinos offer some of the best bonus offers to get new players to sign up for an account. These are some of the craps bonuses you can expect in Canada and upcoming legal Ontario online casinos.

Online Craps BonusHow It Works
Risk-free playAn online craps casino allows you to play for free for the first 24 hours. Usually, this applies to almost any game you choose. You get your money back in betting credits if you have net losses at the end of that day.
No deposit bonusNo deposit online craps casinos where you can win real money by using a free bonus: without having to put in any of your own money. You must enter the no deposit bonus code in order for the offer to be applied. 
Deposit bonusA deposit match bonus will match a percentage of your first real money deposit. So, if you find a 100% match, you're effectively doubling your initial deposit with this type of welcome bonus.

To take full advantage of the craps bonus always check the terms and conditions of the bonus offer. The most common point to look out for is the playthrough or wagering requirement. This means how much you have to wager before you can withdraw your winnings from the bonus. For example, take a casino with a playthrough requirement of 20x. If the initial bonus was $20, then you have to bet $400 before you can withdraw your winnings. 

Playing Craps At Live Casinos In Canada

Craps was one of the most popular games at live casinos in Canada. However, some casinos have reduced their numbers of craps tables to save on staffing and in some cases for COVID-19 reasons. Still, there are places you can play craps in person across Canada.

Fallsview Casino, 5705 Falls Ave., Niagara Falls, Ontario, has the Roll to Win craps table, which is a newer version of craps. With Roll to Win, only one dealer runs the table: a stick person. Players make their bets via screens at their position around the table. The table is an LED display which is an interesting take on traditional craps. 

River Rock Casino, 8811 River Rd, Richmond, British Columbia, is one of the most luxurious destinations to play craps in Western Canada. The craps tables here are very popular. The amenities at the four-diamond hotel and resort make it worth the journey.

River Cree Casino, 300 East Lapotac Boulevard, Edmonton, Alberta, is open 24 hours a day and has 40 table games, and craps is one of them.

How To Play Craps Online For Free In Canada

Free craps online in Canada is definitely a possibility, players just need to know where to look. Most of the legal online casinos will offer the chance to demo their games. This is playing the same craps game you would at an online casino with real money, but you do not need to make a deposit. The online craps demo mode is available at a number of online casinos like DraftKings and Fanduel. Even before signing up for an account, you can play any of the games in demo mode at most online casinos. 

First, go on the website for the casino of your choice, look in the “Games” section for craps. Most good sites have a search bar you can use. Then click “demo” to start playing. You’ll still need to verify that you’re the minimum age, but other than that you can start right away and play with the demo “credits” the online casino will give you.

The other option for playing free in Canada is free craps apps. If you have a working mobile phone, this could be an option for you. There are several free online craps apps available for iPhone and Android phones. Just search for craps in the App Store for iOS devices, and the Google Play Store for Android devices. You’ll have lots of options, such as Vegas Craps, or Craps Master 3D, for example. 

How To Play At The Best Online Craps Casinos In Canada

Here is what it’s like to play online craps for real money in Canada.

Types Of Games Available At Canadian Online Craps Casinos

The most popular craps games at online casinos are First Person Craps and live dealer craps. Most of the live dealer games are run through one studio, Evolution. However, the studio licenses it to several online casino sites.

How To Play At Canadian Online Craps Casinos

Once you’ve picked an online casino, you almost always have the option of playing right in your browser. Most casino sites are optimized to make playing on your desktop computer or laptop easy and smooth. Some online casinos also have apps for Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

How To Deposit At Online Craps Casinos In Canada

Depositing at online craps casinos in Canada is usually done in a few specific ways. First, there’s the option to use a credit or debit card. However, this is not always advisable. You can also buy credits and load them on the casino’s own card, such as the Play+ card. Some casinos also offer bank transfers and Interac as payment methods.

Playing Legal Craps Online In Canada

It’s understandable to be cautious when playing craps online for real money in Canada. It is possible to play safely and protect your personal information and money while playing online. However, it all comes down to picking the right online casino. 

For example, if you’re playing with an illegal offshore casino that refuses to pay out your money, you don’t have any legal solution to report them. Illegal sites also do not guarantee the safety of your personal information and your credit card or banking details. You could be the victim of identity theft or have charges made to your account and be unable to get your money back.

In Canada, the best choice for playing online craps safely is to use a legal casino site or app that is regulated by a governing body. Online casinos are legal in several US states that are close to the Canadian border, such as Michigan and New Jersey. Province-operated sites like and are legal as well in certain provinces.

Real Money Online Craps In Canada FAQs

Is online craps legal in Canada?

Yes. Online craps is legal in Canada but just be sure you’re using one of the recommended sites to play so that your money is safe

How old do I need to be to play craps online in Canada?

The minimum age is either 18 or 19 depending on location. In most Canadian provinces, regions, and cities, you must be 19 to gamble, with the exception of Alberta, Calgary, Manitoba, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec, where the legal gambling age is 18.

Do online casinos in Canada offer live dealer craps games?

Yes, they do. While it’s not as popular as normal online craps, casinos like Betway Casino for example still offer live dealer craps in Canada.

How do I register to start playing online craps?

The first step is picking the right online casino, meaning you should make sure it is legal and registered in a trusted country. Then, provide some personal information so the casino can verify your age and identity you can start playing right away. Don’t forget to enter your bonus or promo code to get free credits. 

How do odds work when playing real money craps online?

Craps online work the same way as real-world craps. A pass line bet is always a safe bet if you’re a beginner. With payout odds of 1 to 1, it’s the best bet with a low house edge.

Can I play real money craps on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, definitely. In fact, mobile craps is probably one of the most popular ways to play the game. Online casinos offer apps that have all of their casino games but also do mobile-friendly versions of the site if no app exists. 

Are online craps sites legit in Canada?

Yes, some are, but you should check our list of trusted online casinos in Canada to see if the site is legit. Reading reviews is a good way to find out which sites are scams and which ones take the security and fairness of the games seriously.

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