PartyPoker Ontario Review

Disclaimer: Online gaming for Ontario residents only. Must be 19+. Please play responsibly. Due to AGCO regulations, we are unable to provide specific information on sign-up offers.

Ontario online poker went fully live on April 4, 2022, when the Canadian province launched numerous forms of legal gaming, including online casinos, single-game sports wagering, and online poker rooms, such as PartyPoker. With all the buzz around poker, let’s review PartyPoker.

PartyPoker Ontario opened its fully-licensed poker room after successful registration with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Gaming laws were vague prior to gaming becoming fully legal in Ontario, but now, it’s clear that players have to be at least 19 years old. Also, only players physically located in Ontario may access the poker room.

Available 365 days a year, 24 hours per day, PartyPoker is an online poker room hub that includes a tournament schedule that features its renowned Daily Legends and Super Sunday tournaments. There are both real money and play money games available for players. Plus, there are options for cash games, tournaments,  fast-forward games, SPINS, and Sit and Go games. 

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Who Should Try PartyPoker Ontario?

As mentioned earlier, PartyPoker has both real money and play money games, which make it an online poker room suitable for players of all skill levels. People who have never before played online poker can learn and play responsibly alongside grizzled veterans in play-money games, where they can learn how to play poker their way — without the worry of losing money while they learn how to play.

As for the real money games, PartyPoker provides plenty of options at multiple price points, so players may risk as little or as much real money as they see fit. Whether playing in live tournaments or cash games, most players will easily find a comfortable game to play as soon as they sign up for the site. Cash games run from as low as $0.01/$0.02 to $200/$400 for blinds.

PartyPoker Ontario: App Grade (5.0/5.0)

With the launch of PartyPoker, its mobile app versions for iOS and Android devices were revamped. Easily found on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the mobile app versions really pop. PartyPoker hits a home run with updated features from its previously above-average mobile app, including:

  • A new portrait layout
  • Diamonds feature
  • Objects to “throw” at opponents
  • A new customizable game lobby
  • An improved and centralized raise slider bar
  • Multi-tabling (up to four games at once)

The diamonds feature allows players to earn in-game currency for completing certain tasks. Diamonds can be used for functions such as rabbit hunting — being able to see the next undealt cards in the deck after a hand is finished. 

Mad at one of your opponents? You can earn objects and “throw” those objects in the intended target’s general direction! What about throwing kisses? Yes, players can do that as well. Players who excel at multi-tasking can play up to four games simultaneously, so they will never be short on poker action. With enhanced graphics and vibrant sounds, the app scores a perfect 5.0.

PartyPoker Canada: Cash Game Depth And Variety Grade (4.0/5.0)

PartyPoker offers plenty of cash games, at varying blind/ante denominations. Cash games include:

  • No-Limit Texas Hold’em
  • Pot-Limit Omaha
  • Fast Forward games
  • Sit and Go
  • Heads up
  • Turbo
  • Hyper Turbo

There are plenty of game options available at PartyPoker, but not as many as some other online poker rooms.

PartyPoker ON: Tournament Depth And Variety Grade (4.5/5.0)

Still well known for its frequency, variety, and quality of tournaments, PartyPoker scores high in this category yet again. With tournaments for many types of games, different formats, and stakes ranging from small to gigantic, there are plenty of tournament options for online poker players.

Whether it is Sit and Go, Multi-Table Tournaments for Hold’em or Omaha players, or even freeroll tournaments that offer seats to future games, the selection of online poker tournaments at PartyPoker scores high. There are tournaments happening nearly around the clock, and the daily and weekly schedules are chock full of options for online poker players at PartyPoker.

PartyPoker Ontario: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4.0/5.0)

PartyPoker accepts deposits from the following methods:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • Credit/debit cards
  • E-check
  • Party Play+
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

The minimum deposit is $10. Withdrawals can be requested at any time via the same methods as deposits. 

PartyPoker Ontario: Overall Grade (4.4/5.0)

PartyPoker checks almost all of the boxes when looking for a one-stop-shop for online poker playing. The website and mobile apps are visually pleasing. The sounds are crisp and enjoyable, and they can be turned off. The navigation is very user-friendly and intuitive.

Depositing money does not take too long, so players can open and fund an account, and as long as they are physically in Ontario, they can begin playing immediately. As noted earlier, novice players, as well as expert online poker players, have plenty to enjoy at PartyPoker. With a full tournament schedule and plenty of cash and free play games available 24/7, PartyPoker is a highly-recommended destination for online poker players.

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Is PartyPoker Ontario Legit?

PartyPoker uses sophisticated random number generators before each hand is shuffled. Hands are presented to each player individually through 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Link (SSL), meaning no other player has the ability to see another player’s hand at any time the cards are hidden in-game.

All poker hands are logged and audited to ensure fairness in the random number generator and also to investigate any signs of player collusion. The results of these audits are published monthly on the PartyPoker site. An external lab then conducts independent audits of game outcomes. The two main factors audited by the external lab are Return To Player (RTP) calculations and Random Number Generator (RNG) output analysis.

Return To Player audits help to assure those actual game payouts are as close as possible to defined theoretical expectations. It is the RTP report that makes sure players are winning as close to their fair share of hands at all times. The RNG reports simply make sure that each shuffled deck and subsequent distribution of the cards per the rules are indeed random, based upon actual probability during all game events.

Why Choose PartyPoker Ontario Over Illegal Online Poker Sites?

Illegal online casinos and poker rooms are not held to the same high standards as those that are licensed and regulated in the jurisdiction in which they operate. When players make a deposit at an online casino or poker room, they should feel 100% confident that they can and will have their deposited money — plus or minus any wins or losses — returned to them at any time per their request.

Illegal sites sometimes use tactics to entice players to further risk their bankrolls. Some tactics include improperly delaying withdrawals and citing some questionable reasons why funds cannot be sent in a timely manner. Players who do not get their funds transferred back to them in a timely manner may continue to wager on the illegal site, risking money they would have already withdrawn had the online casino or poker room been able to process in a timely fashion.

Other tactics sometimes used by illegal online casinos or poker rooms is to “fix” or “rig” games, causing unsuspecting players to lose unfairly. Legal and regulated online casinos and poker rooms cannot resort to such tactics, as they are under strict governmental oversight.

Can You Trust PartyPoker Ontario With Your Money?

PartyPoker uses the highest levels of encryption, which protects all online transactions. Utilizing encryption and other safety measures, PartyPoker keeps transactions as well as private personal information strictly confidential. All transactions are completed and conducted under all applicable laws and standard practices of the international banking community. PartyPoker spends an enormous amount of time and resources to ensure all players’ accounts are safe and secure at all times.

Learn more about PartyPoker Ontario by visiting the site

PartyPoker Ontario FAQ

If I am in Ontario, can I play from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can play as long as you are physically in Ontario. PartyPoker is available via mobile phone.

How can I be sure PartyPoker Ontario games aren't rigged?

PartyPoker utilizes state of the art technology, including 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Link, as well as conducts monthly internal and external audits to ensure fairness and in order to help prevent player collusion.

Is it necessary to be a resident of Ontario to play at PartyPoker?

No, it is not necessary. Players must physically be in the province of Ontario to play PartyPoker. The poker room is open to people from all over the world as long as they play while in Ontario.

How old do I have to be to play online poker games in Ontario? 

All players must be 19 years old or older in order to play on PartyPoker and other poker sites in Ontario.

If I win at PartyPoker Ontario, how do I collect my money?

Withdrawals can be requested at any time via the same methods as deposits, including bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, e-check, Party Play+, PayPal, and Skrill.

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