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"fraud.." So despite posting more bullshit about Sundin ("imminent", "things are definitely moving!") the status quo remains. As I have said before [...]

Candid conversation with Cliff

More good news from the Leafs brass. The one thing we all want is the truth. Following that is a plan. Lastly is the stomach to follow a plan.... [...]

Very Candid Ron Wilson on The Gameplan

Amazing interview with new Leaf coach Ron Wilson on the new mid-day show on the Fan just now. Wilson was asked why come to Toronto given all that is [...]

Joe Sakic calls a press conference …Mats are you listening

So Sakic has called a press conference to announce his intentions for next year. Mats????? Are you listening???? Time is ticking... "According to a [...]

LPGA instituting language requirement, others 2 follow?

Interesting story across the news wires this hour that the LPGA (that's ladies golf gents) is going to be making proficiency in English a requirement [...]

Hanky rides again, ruining bloggers everywhere

Remember he is only reporting what he hears....so when he writes trash like this: "A source informed me early this morning that he believes all is se [...]
Berger got the lyrics wrong- left his BRAIN in San Fran

Berger got the lyrics wrong- left his BRAIN in San Fran

Only back a few days and the genius is at it again. The guy who constantly bashes us Bud fans for our love and ridicuoly ratings of Leaf prospect [...]

All quiet on a Sunday

Anyone else as happy as I am that the Olympics are finally over? Now that they are, how long before the first athlete tests positive for some illegal [...]

Sweedish Hockey Fans Have Sundin Going Ranger Blue

Expressen.se polled their loyal readers as to what will happen with Mats Sundin... 679 people have voted since August 18th. 60.5% have Mats going t [...]

Mark Bell, Dany Heatley… American Justice?

Kudos to Mark Bell today for repaying his debt to society. It gives time to reflect on two of the most recent episodes of hockey bad boys Mark Bell a [...]

Free Agent Drought and Ode To Willie Upshaw

I was at the Jays game last night. Amazing night for a baseball game. Roof was open and but for an off night by the home team I had a great time. W [...]

Blue Jays on a tear, will it make a difference at the turnstile?

It was interesting listening to the Jays game on the radio last. On at least a couple of different occasion Jerry Howarth mentioned how disappointing [...]
Your Afternoon Smile- Great Hockey Video

Your Afternoon Smile- Great Hockey Video

courtesy a loyal reader and avid fellow torontosports fan, here is a great video. See how many celebs you can pick out. Sorry if you have already se [...]

Sundin Stays Retired Or Turns Ranger Blue

I have no insider information here, but I am going to go out on a limb. With 25 days until training camp begins I have made some assumptions, decided [...]

Mats Sundin, Mr. Hanky Strikes Again….Jays on the rise?

"However, a source of mine in Sweden who has been very spot on, told me that he was told last night that it "has been decided and it was Montreal." Th [...]

Has Mats Sundin Finally Made A Decision?

Kudos to kuklaskorner.com for finding this, as my regular trip to the NYpost this am came up empty. Finally there is a, ummmm, credible source report [...]

Full moon over Hockeybuzz?

Some pretty decent stuff up there today actually. Andy Strickland's post on Sundin reflects how I feel about Mats right now, "who cares?" "For a goo [...]

Wilbur Watters, the case for mandatory disclaimers

It's one thing to have the hate on for a team and express your feelings. It's an entirely different ball of wax when your hate is based entirely on b [...]

Update on the McCabe deal

George Richards provides this latest info: "Florida and Toronto are still talking about other stuff, and it appears someone is going with Ryno to Tor [...]

All Quiet in the Kubina World

I never would have guessed after all the hooplah at trade deadline day that when given the chance Cliff wouldn't have thrown Pavel Kubina overboard. [...]
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