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Alyn McCauley, former leaf of the day

great news on the wires today.... Former NHLer Alyn McCauley was named assistant coach of the Queen's University men's hockey program on Thursday by [...]

ESPN Radio ripping Canada’s awesome Olympic Showing

If you are near a web or XM radio, you have to tune to ESPN radio. ( http://espnradio.espn.go.com/espnradio/show?showId=theherd) The guy opened his [...]

Bills, Bloggers and Trading Beat Writers

I was fortunate enough to be at the TED tonight to take in the Bills/Steelers game. OK, there, I said it. Not trying to be anti-CFL or anti Canadian [...]
NHLPA on Campbell, McCabe and, ummm Sundin?

NHLPA on Campbell, McCabe and, ummm Sundin?

Editors note, Kypreos was on the fan this am and he cited a an article in the Sun today which provides: " Whatever the case, a source close to McCabe [...]
Did we stumble upon Eklund’s sources?

Did we stumble upon Eklund’s sources?

Talking to a source right now who brought up something that was VERY similar to what a former NHL Team stickboy theorized to me earlier today... The [...]

Fletcher has McCabe all sorted out

Got a chance to listen to Cliff on the Watter's show. I have to say, it is a pleasure listening to the silver fox as compared to either JFJ or JPR. [...]

Bryan McCabe, the way a story should be written

Fair and balanced. That is all we want right? Lyle Richardson is not a Leaf fan. So the opportunity to bash the buds on his spectorshockey.com is a [...]

Maple Leafs GM, an example on why Ek lacks credibility

Compare if you will: "August 5, 2008, 3:16 PM ET According to a source Matthew Barnaby may be announced soon as the replacement for Barry Melrose at [...]

Which is more boring Berger or Sundin

Seriously, I am not sure which is getting less interesting, the whole Sundin affair, or Howard Berger's blogs. It's seems more and more apparent that [...]

Movement from the McCabe camp

Well, it was only a matter of time, but word is out tonight that Bryan McCabe is providing the buds with a list of teams he would be willing to go to. [...]
Snidley Whiplash on Brian Burke

Snidley Whiplash on Brian Burke

Oh how I miss my youth. Waking up on Saturday mornings to watch the classic cartoons, and of course reading the Sunday Sun. What did these two have [...]

Crazy eights and a medal for Mike Wilner

A hearty good morning to all, happy Olympic opening ceremony day, a day where Torontonians are left thinking what could have been. From my perspectiv [...]

Look out TO, Cito and a Killer on the loose

JP has announced that Cito will definitely be back for the 2009 season (unless of course its a lie right) also the Buds have hired Doug Gilmour as an [...]

J.P. Ricciardi needs media training immediately

J.P. was on his weekly call in radio show last night with Mike Wilner and he let this beauty escape his lips: "we are 7.5 back, we are playing our be [...]

Some random summer musings

Quite days of August indeed. As I said to a colleague yesterday, I have not watched 5 minutes of non -sports tv this summer. From an entertainment p [...]

Did Howard Berger drink too much in Sonoma?

Just how hungry is this guy for a story. Clearly he has been spending too much time on the road, and the effects of no home cooking is effecting his [...]

The Detroit model, easier on paper then in reality

Just got back from a quick trip to Detroit. In reading the two local dailies it was hard to get beyond the scandal that is the mayoral situation ther [...]

Mats Sundin Soft Deadline Day Arrives

Festivus used to be my favorite holiday of the year, from this day forth, August 1st should be renamed Soft Deadline Day. I am in Detroit (Hockeytown [...]

Much like his hitters, J.P. struck out

Sounds like he tried to do a couple of things to help his club, but in fine form, like his players he was unable to connect.... Jays do nothing.... [...]

30 mins to go, Blue Jays trying to land Ibanez Stairs leaving?

Espn just reported deal for Ibanez is dead- Marriners pulled out. Blair is now saying nothing to the Lind rumors.... ****************************** [...]
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