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Quotes of the Day

"There is a HUGE difference between Hot and Attractive; a painting may be beautiful but I don't want to bang a painting!" Kevin Malone- on the Office [...]

A Great Read- Radio Wars….

Love him or not (Mike S) Brady's blog this am is a must read. If you are a fan of the sports media business, and if you are hear you must be to a cer [...]

As Bad A Night As I Can Remember

Wow- something is in the water today? No no, not the Leafs, a good game and a shutout loss...too bad we picked up a point. The Raptors? Hell no, th [...]
Video Clip Of The Night- Bias

Video Clip Of The Night- Bias

I told you I loved something about Tim Thomas! What a move he tried to lay on Jason Blake. I haven't ever seen that move before...Reminded me of Bil [...]

Tom Brady on the Fan590 updated

Hey Folks, thought I would throw this out there, here is the link to the Brady interview. Again, top marks to the folks at the Fan. To listen to the [...]

Tom Brady on Fan590- WOW

Huge Kudos the folks at the fan 590. They appear to be the first media outlet to interview Patriots quarterback Tom Brady post surgery. Consider: [...]

Interview of the Day- Bias

Tim Thomas and I both attended the University of Vermont. So I have to admit bias, at least to some degree towards the Boston goalie, we were there a [...]

Toronto Sports Radio Tonight

No word from the folks at the fan tonight On 640, besides all the rock talk: Lee Stempniak 510 Rob Higgins 540 Scott Morrison 610 [...]

Quotes & of the day- Warning Adult Content

Before the quotes, a few notes.... The ALL new TSM is coming soon folks! Did anyone else watching the game tonight have the same feeling I did t [...]

Toronto Sports Radio Tonight

The Fan has the Raptors game- not sure if McCown is on, if so, should be he and Brunt with a roundtable.. On 640: 440 Ron Francis 510 Joe Nieuw [...]

Quotes Of The Day

"Therrien is on thin ice. While former Toronto coach Pat Quinn is considered the top candidate to replace Therrien, TSN analyst Pierre McGuire shouldn [...]

Toronto Sports Radio Tonight~ updated

on 640: Burke at 540… Dreger 610 Kelly Hrudey 630 Bart Andrus 640 On 590 at 5:05: The New Head Coach Of The Toronto Argos, Bart Andr [...]

Canada vs. USA @ the WJC

What an amazing game. This was one worth watching again. I hope these two teams meet in the finals. Kudos to Pat Quinn for keeping the kids focused [...]

Holiday Gifts For All In Toronto Sports

LT posted this while I was away. However I think in the spirit of the holiday's it needs to be reposted. Here are our gifts to all those in the Toro [...]

Quinn to Ottawa?? Golden Chance

Back in the saddle folks...hats off to LT for filling in. Will post more about my trip later. On westjet this am I caught Sens coach Craig hartsburg [...]

Jay Bo to Ottawa????

There I was last night when a buddy informed me that Hanky had a serious rumor up of an impending deal between the Jacques Martin teams, Ottawa and Fl [...]
Caption Contest

Caption Contest

OK- It's the holiday spirit. Enter a caption to the following photo and win a TSM prize pack...real email address required so I can send you the TSM [...]

Sportsnet Reporter Accused Of Plagiarizing

Technology is a wonderful thing. You see, a not that long ago people could get away with copying and stealing other people's work. This damned intern [...]

More Trouble For Predators Owner- Boots in Deep Trouble

Eat your heart out McCowan: "The Securities and Exchange Commission filed today a civil injunctive action against Silicon Valley venture capitalist, [...]

Daunte Culpepper…..Quote of the Month

Ok, so it's only the 3rd day of the month.... "As a result of doing some research on different places to play," Culpepper wrote in his e-mail, "the D [...]
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