BetMGM Canada Launch Update

The legalization of single-event sports betting in Canada has led many sportsbook operators to eye the largest provinces closely. BetMGM has indicated an interest in potential launches in Canada. This BetMGM Canada launch update will include a review of the sportsbook app and whether Canadian bettors should expect BetMGM in their provinces.

BetMGM Bonus Code For January 2022

BetMGM’s new player bonus is very competitive. It offers a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000. This covers the first wager that bettors place on the platform, so if it loses, they can try again with a free bet.

Terms & conditions apply.

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BetMGM: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4.5/5)

BetMGM’s opening bonus is straightforward with few strings attached. New bettors are eligible for a $1000 risk-free bet. If bettors lose their first wagers, then BetMGM will refund bettors’ lost stakes up to $1000. However, if bettors win their first wagers, then they’ll get their winnings and no bonus. The win is a better deal than the bonus, so winners shouldn’t feel salty about winning. Bettors come out ahead on a win, and they’re paid in withdrawable cash instead of site credits. 

Redeeming the risk-free bet is easy. Bettors just have to register for accounts and enter their promo codes in the box provided for it. Then bettors must make their first deposits and place a wager. Remember, only the first wager is covered, so bettors should plan ahead and choose their first bet wisely.

BetMGM: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.5/5)

BetMGM’s odds are moderately competitive. It doesn’t specialize on one side of the line or the other. Instead, it offers competitive odds across the board, making it a critical sportsbook to check for bettors who go odds-hunting. Futures are moderately competitive, too. However, futures odds vary widely at mid-tier futures odds between about +1,000 and +2,500. 

BetMGM also has a moderate vig on top of its lines. The vig is a hidden discount built into sportsbook odds. Perfectly fair sportsbook odds would bankrupt sportsbooks. So, they tweak the odds so that after a day of betting, sportsbooks come out ahead. It’s usually 3-5%, but bettors who want to maximize their money’s value should be aware of it. Here’s how BetMGM’s vig compares on the Bears/Rams game in the NFL: 

 Bears OddsRams OddsVig

BetMGM has a moderately priced vig that’s sandwiched between DraftKings and FanDuel. If BetMGM gets to launch in any of Canada’s provinces, bettors will get pretty good value when they place their bets.   

BetMGM: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.5/5)

BetMGM’s market depth and variety are strong. BetMGM offers many sports to bet on. There are professional sports that Canadians will be familiar with, like hockey, football, and baseball. However, bettors will find many other lower-tier sports to bet on, like soccer or tennis. Bettors will even be able to find betting lines on cricket and Gaelic hurling. 

The depth within these categories runs deep, too. Each sport boasts many international leagues that bettors can explore and put money on. Soccer is the best example. It has multiple leagues from the U.K. alone. But there are also leagues from different European, South American, and Asian countries. Bettors won’t struggle to find sports to bet on if they get to bet at BetMGM. There is no shortage of events to bet on and there are plenty of types of bets to go around.  

BetMGM: Deposit And Cashout Grade (5/5)

BetMGM’s deposit and cash-out methods are flexible. If BetMGM makes it into Canada, then Canadians could deposit funds with:

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Mlife Rewards Mastercard
  • BetMGM Gift Card
  • Promo Code
  • Online Banking
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • VIP Preferred E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Game On
  • PayNearMe

This is a generous selection of deposit options that give bettors limitless flexibility. The list of withdrawal options is shorter but still comprehensive:

  • Online Banking
  • VIP Preferred E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Play+

Even though the list of withdrawal options is short, it gives bettors the tools they need to withdraw funds conveniently. Withdrawals take several business days to process because of the know-your-customer requirements that sportsbooks must adhere to. There’s no way to make that process painless. But BetMGM offers some easy withdrawal options to minimize that pain.

BetMGM: Mobile App Grade (5/5)

BetMGM’s mobile app is also very well regarded in the industry. The is well designed for both mobile interfaces and desktops. (Anyone who takes that for granted hasn’t seen the earliest versions of some of these popular sportsbook apps.) It’s easy to navigate from tab to tab. That makes it easy to browse the homepage, search through the A-Z sports list, and manage the bet slip.

The promotional and help tabs are easy to get to, too. The app has also integrated all the BetMGM branding and promotional advertisements without overwhelming the screen. BetMGM packs a lot into its app without appearing sloppy.

But the app runs smoothly, too. There’s no lag between screens, which makes it easier to use. It doesn’t draw attention to the performance of the app, which allows bettors to focus on betting. If Canadian bettors get access to BetMGM, they’ll get a sleek app that’s easy to navigate and use.

BetMGM: Overall Grade (4.7/5)

BetMGM is one of the United State’s premier sportsbooks. It offers a competitive welcome bonus, strong odds, and great deposit and withdrawal options. There are many sports and leagues to choose from and many bets to place on them. Its mobile app is one of the best in the industry and Canadians who get access to it should consider signing up. 

However, BetMGM can’t launch in any of the provinces unless provincial laws change. Ontario is preparing to release a regulatory framework that would allow privately-owned sportsbooks to apply for gaming licenses. That would create a competitive sports betting industry on par with some of the United State’s most competitive markets.

However, the other provinces are focusing on their own lottery-run sportsbooks and have released no plans for expanding the sports betting industry to include privately owned sportsbooks. If Canadians want to bet at BetMGM, they’ll have to wait for their provinces to change their gaming regulations or travel to one of the states where BetMGM operates.

Is BetMGM Legit?

Yes. BetMGM is a joint venture by MGM Resorts International and GVC International. Both are large international gambling companies with global reputations to protect. They also have to protect each other from ridicule and disciplinary action by operating legitimately.

Each market that BetMGM has gotten access to requires sportsbooks to apply for sports betting licenses no matter what their histories are. This ensures that sportsbook operators are held to impeccable standards in every new market.

It also tethers sportsbooks to good behavior. If sportsbooks have disciplinary problems in one market, they could risk being denied access to new ones in the future.

With such a powerful brand behind it, BetMGM is one of the safest options for bettors. It’s easily recognizable as a legitimate company, terms and conditions and all.   

Why Choose BetMGM Over Unregulated Betting Sites?

BetMGM would be a big improvement over the offshore betting sites that have traditionally attracted Canadian bettors. These betting sites are not regulated by any authoritative body or agency. So nothing stops them from taking bettors’ money, personal information, or data without paying winnings.

If bettors had an issue with BetMGM, they could go through a customer service process that began with BetMGM and, if extreme enough, ended with government intervention. However, there’s no legal recourse for recovering lost gambling winnings. So, if bettors get scammed by an unregulated sportsbook, then they have nowhere to go.   

BetMGM also has security standards that it has to uphold before it launches a live product for bettors. Offshore sportsbooks don’t have security requirements. So, even if they don’t scam bettors outright, they can lose valuable bettor data through incompetence alone.

So, even an unregulated sportsbook that purports to operate with goodwill, it’s still dangerous for bettors to use. Bettors are far better off choosing a legitimate sportsbook like BetMGM instead of an alternative site with no security requirements or oversight.

Why Trust BetMGM Sportsbook App With Your Money?

As mentioned, BetMGM includes state-of-the-art digital security. That includes basics like SSL certifications. This encrypts bettors’ traffic to and from the website or mobile app. It makes it harder for hackers to tell who sportsbook users are.

Many sportsbooks also take advantage of end-to-end encryption. That encrypts data from the moment it’s typed into the sportsbook to the moment the BetMGM server decrypts it on the other end. That means if hackers intercept bettor data, they’ll get a jumbled mess of numbers and letters instead of social security numbers.

BetMGM has a long history of safe and legal operation in the United States. If any Canadian provinces allow it to launch, then it’ll be a safe and secure option for bettors’ money.

BetMGM Canada Sportsbook FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online at BetMGM in Canada?

No. Ontario will open the igaming market to commercial sportsbooks in 2022. However, no other Canadian province has announced plans to allow non-government sportsbooks to launch. It’ll be months before Ontarians get access to BetMGM, much less anyone else in Canada.  

Do you need to be in Canada when you place a sports wager using BetMGM?

Bettors need to be in a province, territory, or state where BetMGM is licensed to place a bet through BetMGM. Bettors won’t be able to bet from anywhere in Canada yet. However, bettors could travel to a state where BetMGM is legal if they really wanted to place a bet with BetMGM. 

How old will you have to be to bet online at BetMGM in Canada?

19. It’s Ontario’s betting age, and is the betting age for most of the provinces where BetMGM could launch in the next few years. There are a few provinces where the gambling age is 18. However, few are expected to be major gambling markets or allow private companies to launch sportsbooks in the next few years. 

Is BetMGM licensed in Canada at this time?

No. But it’s likely to get a license if it applies for one in Ontario. However, no one else in Canada will be able to place a bet with BetMGM from any other Canadian province. If BetMGM launches in Ontario, bettors will have to place bets in Ontario to make BetMGM wagers go through. British Columbians will be out of luck unless BC regulators change their sports betting regulations. 

Will BetMGM offer any free bets or bonuses?

Yes. BetMGM offers a $1,000 risk-free bet. It’s a standard offering in the markets that it launches in. However, it could change its welcome bonus to celebrate an Ontario launch. But that’s jumping the gun. Ontario still has to release license application rules, and BetMGM still has to apply for and receive one. 

How do you get paid if you win at BetMGM in Canada?

BetMGM offers four withdrawal methods: 

  • Online Banking
  • VIP Preferred E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Play+

If bettors have cash they can withdraw, then they can find it in the cashier sections of their accounts. Then they can use one of these withdrawal methods to put their winnings in the bank.

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