BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario Review

BetRivers has found success in many major US markets, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. When Ontario opened its sports betting market to private companies, BetRivers was one of the first to launch as well. So, Ontario bettors need to know what to expect from this major sports betting brand.

BetRivers has competitive odds on a strong selection of both sports and lines. It’ll be a competitive sports betting option for bettors who are interested in expanding their horizons.  

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19+. Gambling can be addictive; please play responsibly.

BetRivers Casino Is Licensed By The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario – Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.5/5)

BetRivers gets the fundamentals right with its odds. Its odds give bettors good value and reasonable vigs. BetRivers stands up to major competitors like DraftKings, FanDuel Sportsbook, and BetMGM. For example, BetRivers matches DraftKings’ odds on the favorite and edges out DraftKings on the underdog in this line on the Patriots and Falcons: 

SportsbookNew England PatriotsAtlanta Falcons

As usual, FanDuel dominates the underdog odds. But the other sportsbooks make respectable showings across the board. 

However, BetRivers’ futures conform more closely to the rest of the market. An example from November 2021 on NFL championship futures shows this well. It also shows that BetRivers doesn’t follow a reliable trend. 

SportsbookBuffalo BillsGreen Bay PackersArizona CardinalsDallas Cowboys

BetRivers offers the best futures odds on the Packers, ties for the best on the Cowboys, ties for the worst on the Bills, and offers moderate odds on the Cardinals. 

Overall, BetRivers offers good value for bettors who choose to bet on its odds, but it is always good to “line shop.”

BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario – Market Depth And Variety Grade (4/5)

BetRivers offers a pretty good selection of sports. It offers betting markets on the most popular sports in the United States and Canada. Football, baseball, basketball, and, of course, hockey, all have betting lines open on BetRivers. Sports like golf, tennis, volleyball, and rugby have markets open, too, so most bettors will be able to find most mainstream sports on BetRivers.    

However, each of these sports is divided into many leagues, too. For example, football bettors will find betting lines on the NFL and the Canadian Football League. Hockey leagues from around the world are available, too. However, no market goes deeper into leagues than soccer. Bettors who are interested in soccer have a particularly wide variety of choices, so bettors can dig deep into each sport to find the leagues, teams, and bets they want.  

Although several major sportsbooks offer more sports than BetRivers, few bettors will open the sportsbook in Ontario and be disappointed. 

BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario – Deposit And Cashout Grade (5/5)

BetRivers will make it easy for Ontario bettors to deposit and withdraw funds. For bettors who register their account, BetRivers may have several convenient deposit options: 

  • Credit/debit card
  • Online banking 
  • Wire transfer
  • VIP Preferred ACH
  • PayPal 
  • Play+ Card
  • Cash deposit – PayNearMe
  • Cash deposit – Vanilla 

This is a generous selection of deposit methods that places BetRivers near the top of the market in this category. These options include payment cards and online banking options, which are the most convenient options for many bettors. However, some bank and card issuers block direct transactions with online gambling companies, so BetRviers offers many backup options for bettors who hit this obstacle. 

BetRivers’ withdrawal options are less numerous, but they may be equally convenient: 

  • Online banking 
  • VIP Preferred ACH
  • PayPal 
  • Play+ Card

These withdrawal options are convenient ways to transfer sportsbook winnings online from a bettor’s sportsbook account to their personal account. However, bettors who want to speed the processing of their withdrawals should use the same deposit and withdrawal options. It makes it easier for BetRivers to verify a bettor’s identity. 

BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario – Mobile App Grade (3.5/5)

BetRivers’ mobile app has a lot to offer Ontario bettors. It has many betting markets and many types of bets. However, the app has some awkward navigational issues that make it hard to access some of those features. For example, the app opens to a homepage that encourages bettors to sign up. The button to access the sportsbook is in the bottom left corner. It will take bettors to the “real” home screen with featured betting lines. 

Finding the full list of sports is awkward, too. There’s a horizontal scrolling list of sport and league icons. However, the full sports list is hidden in the menu button in the top left corner of the screen. Most sportsbooks have an A-Z sports tab at the bottom of the screen. That navigational feature makes it easy to not only find the lines they’re looking for. It also makes it easier to discover new leagues to bet on. 

BetRivers has all the important pieces of a mobile sportsbook app. But it needs to update its app to be competitive with the highest tier of sportsbooks on the market.  

BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario – Overall Grade (4.25/5)

BetRivers is one of the premier sportsbook brands in the United States and was one of the first available with the Ontario legal market launch.

With BetRivers, Ontarians will get great odds and convenient deposit and withdrawal options.

Finally, they’ll get a strong selection of sports, lines, and leagues. However, BetRivers’ app is awkward compared to sportsbooks of similar caliber. In a mature market, basic features like searching should be more intuitive than it is on BetRivers’ app.

Still, overall, BetRivers is a solid sportsbook.  

Learn more about BetRivers Ontario by visiting the site! – Use Code SHARPSB

Is BetRivers Legit?

Yes. BetRivers is a legitimate business that has found success in major American markets. Here are five reasons why bettors can trust BetRivers’ legitimacy. 

BetRivers Terms And Conditions 

The terms and conditions section is a long legal section that lays out the rules BetRivers will abide by when it serves its bettors. For example, it’s where it promises to pay bettors when they win. All legitimate businesses have this legal section on their websites. Although few customers read the terms and conditions, it’s one of the most important sections to look for.

BetRivers Previous Market Success

BetRivers has a remarkable track record in previous sports betting markets. It has carved out market share in major American markets like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This isn’t a one-off fly-by-night sportsbook. BetRivers is a serious company in the sports betting industry.  

BetRivers Market Compliance 

Since the US legalizes sports betting state by state, every state’s gaming regulator must approve sports betting operators. Therefore, BetRivers must pass state audits and inspections repeatedly as it expands to new markets. These repeated audits keep BetRivers honest and ensure that it’s safe for bettors every time it enters a new market. 

BetRivers Ownership 

BetRivers is operated by Rush Street Interactive, which is a major gaming company. Its products include popular igaming products in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so its portfolio of products is successful in major American gaming markets. Bettors can trust Rush Street Interactive’s products. 

BetRivers History 

Bettors who want to know how BetRivers Sportsbook has operated in the past have plenty of data to pull from. They can find stories about BetRivers’ performances in the US since 2018. Bettors who want to learn more about BetRivers before casting a bet can look them up easily. It’s a reassuring mark of a legitimate company. 

Why Choose BetRivers Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Now that it’s licensed in Ontario, BetRivers will join a group of sportsbooks that have been examined and approved by the province’s regulatory group. However, AGCO will be one of only many regulatory agencies that audits BetRivers. In the United States, independent auditors run security and functionality checks before a sportsbook can launch. American sportsbook operators are required to submit: 

  • Background checks from executives and other major shareholders
  • Three years of financial statements
  • Software and hardware 

Collecting this information gives American regulators a complete picture of a sportsbook’s management, operations, and legitimacy. 

On top of that, American sportsbooks undergo independent audits before launching. So, an independent auditor will examine a sportsbook’s software and hardware to make sure it’s market-ready. Once the auditors are done, they write a report that includes their findings and recommendations for the sportsbook. These auditors submit a copy of their findings to the sportsbook and the state gaming commission. Sportsbooks must implement the recommendations before launch to keep their licenses. 

Gray market sportsbooks in Ontario go through no such process. The process a gray market operator went through to launch their sportsbook is likely unavailable to Ontario bettors, so Ontario bettors don’t know how reliable and secure their gray market options really are. Even though they’re not illegal, they’re less trustworthy than licensed sportsbooks. 

All sportsbooks licensed by the AGCO—including BetRivers and BetMGM—will be safe and secure to use for bettors in Ontario. 

Can You Trust BetRivers With Your Money?

BetRivers employs a few different security methods to protect bettors’ money. In the US, sportsbooks are regulated like banks. BetRivers’ transactions are monitored for signs of money laundering and match-fixing. If BetRivers finds evidence of money laundering, then it must report it to federal anti-money laundering authorities. If Ontario bettors gain access to BetRivers, they’ll know their money isn’t being used to launder money or fund criminal enterprises. 

BetRivers also has a sterling record that Ontario bettors can find for themselves. For example, BetRivers only works with licensed sportsbook suppliers. It also has no history of fines for equipment malfunctions. 

By comparison, a now-defunct entity wagering company, Cantor Gaming, racked up millions of dollars in fines from the SEC and Nevada’s Gaming Control Board. It also partnered with an illegal bookmaker in New Jersey to expand its business. 

BetRivers doesn’t participate in any schemes like that. It works with legitimate companies, operates safely, and keeps bettors’ money safe.  

Ontario Legal Betting Age19
Legal ProvincesOntario
BetRivers Ontario Launch DateApril 4, 2022
Is betting online at BetRivers legal in Ontario?

Yes, the AGCO has given BetRivers a license to operate in Ontario and they went live in April 2022.

What is the best deposit method at BetRivers?

It’s a matter of preference. We usually recommend PayPal. It’s easy and safe to create an account, and it offers the most streamlined deposit process at BetRivers. However, if you prefer other methods, you can also use your credit/debit card, ACH transfers, and online banking.

How old do you have to be to bet online at BetRivers Ontario?

19. While there is a sports betting game for 18-year-olds, online sports betting at a traditional sportsbook requires bettors to be at least 19. It’s the same age that bettors must be if they want to play at a casino in Ontario.  

Does BetRivers offer live in-game betting?

Yes. When bettors open BetRivers, one of the first types of betting markets they’ll find are the live betting lines. Live betting lines allow bettors to place wagers during a game. The odds change in real time, so bettors can test how well they can predict the ebb and flow of their games.

Do I have to be in Ontario to sign up for a BetRivers account?

No. But you will need to be in Ontario to place an actual bet. Once it’s live, BetRivers will require you to confirm your location before you can place a wager. If you’re outside of Ontario, you won’t be able to do so. 

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