Fox Bet Canada Promo Code and Launch Updates

FOX Bet is the sports betting arm of FOX Sports. It has a major media base that can not only reach bettors but also engage them. FOX Bet has many social media promotions, which are often odds boosts. It has strong odds but a moderate welcome bonus. While it doesn’t match the giants like DraftKings and FanDuel, FOX Bet Ontario would be a competitive addition to Ontario’s sports betting industry. If it’s granted permission to launch, here’s what bettors can expect from it.   

FOX Bet Promo Code For December 2022

FOX Bet Ontario Promo Code Coming Soon
Provinces That Allow FOX BetTBD
FOX Bet’s Ontario Land-Based PartnerTBD
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022

How To Register For A FOX Bet Account

Creating a FOX Bet account is a little more tedious than at other sportsbooks. At first, it looks short. The first two steps are creating a login and accepting the terms and conditions. However, once that’s done, a new dialog box opens. That’s where bettors will enter their personal information, addresses, set security questions, and agree to another set of terms and conditions. It’s the same process as other online sportsbooks but split into more screens. Bettors shouldn’t be put off by the way FOX Bet’s registration steps are spread out. 

FOX Bet: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4/5) 

It is impossible to know what FOX Bet’s opening bonus will be for sure. In the US, FOX Bet’s bet insurance is small compared to other bonuses on the market. FanDuel and BetMGM offer $1,000, and Caesars Sportsbook and Sports Illustrated Sportsbook offer even larger welcome bonuses. However, Caesars Sportsbook and Sports Illustrated Sportsbook’s risk-free bets are so large that some bettors hit unspoken betting limits. FOX Bet’s welcome bonus avoids falling into this trap, but it still has room to grow. 

In the US, FOX Bet users can wager up to $500 and get their lost stakes back in site credits. This allows bettors to place additional bets after they burn through their initial deposits. However, FOX Bet’s risk-free bets are only valid for a bettor’s first wager. So, bettors who want to take advantage of this bonus must plan their bets around the amount of money they’d like to redeem from this bonus. 

Bettors in FOX Bet’s legal American markets can use Toronto Sports Media’s FOX Bet promo code to redeem this welcome bonus. However, Ontario bettors will have to wait for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to approve FOX Bet’s entry into Ontario before they get access to this welcome bonus.     

FOX Bet: Odds Vs. The Competition Grade (4/5)

FOX Bet holds its own against other major sportsbook brands. Its game lines are more consistently competitive than its futures odds. For example, FOX Bet has the best underdog odds on this set of moneylines on Georgia Tech and Notre Dame: 

Georgia TechNotre Dame
Fox Bet+600-900
theScore Bet+575-850

To offer the best underdog odds on this line, FOX Bet sacrificed odds on the favorite. This is a common tradeoff that new Ontario bettors will have to watch for at any new sportsbook. Bettors should also keep FOX Bet’s odds boosts in mind. Its odds boost selection is one of FOX Bet’s defining features. So, FOX Bet can offer even better odds on certain lines in certain markets. 

However, FOX Bet’s futures odds are less consistently competitive. Here’s a selection of NBA championship futures:

BKN NetsMIL BucksMIA HeatDEN Nuggets
Fox Bet+250+700+1600+2000
theScore Bet+250+850+1500+1800

FOX Bet: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.5/5)

FOX Bet’s competitiveness varies across the full range of futures. So, it’s a must-check sportsbook for odds hunters. But it may not be the final destination for futures bettors.  

FOX Bet offers a wide variety of sports, each with its selection of leagues. FOX Bet offers the most popular professional and college leagues in the United States and Canada. So, Ontario bettors who follow American college sports will have plenty of markets to explore on FOX Bet. FOX Bet offers lines on other popular sports, too. These include motorsports, volleyball, and golf. However, there are a few less popular sports, like handball and darts, that offer new matches to bet on, too. So, FOX Bet provides something for every bettor. 

Within these sports, FOX Bet offers many leagues. Soccer is known for the vast number of leagues that it contains in each sportsbook. So, bettors will find many leagues, even on sports that don’t enjoy mainstream popularity, like darts. Bettors will also find diverse esports lines at FOX Bet. So, Ontario’s Call of Duty and sports betting fans can rejoice. 

Other major sportsbook brands, like DraftKings, offer additional sports that FOX Bet doesn’t. This includes sports like Gaelic hurling. However, few bettors will be disappointed with FOX Bet’s sports selection.   

FOX Bet: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4.5/5)

FOX Bet offers several ways for bettors to make deposits online and offline. These deposit options include cards, online wallets, and cash deposits. So, there are lots of convenient deposit options for bettors with different payment preferences. FOX Bet’s deposit methods include: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard 
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill 
  • PayNearMe
  • VanillaDirect 

Mastercard and Visa allow bettors to make direct deposits in a convenient way that’s familiar to most bettors. Bank transfers are similarly direct and convenient. However, some banks and cards still block direct deposits to gambling companies. So, online wallets and cash deposits are safe alternatives for bettors. 

FOX Bet has fewer withdrawal options, but that’s common among sportsbooks. Here are FOX Bet’s three deposit options: 

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal 
  • Skrill

Withdrawals take longer to process than deposits because sportsbooks must approve each withdrawal. So, bettors should be prepared to wait 7-10 business days for withdrawals depending on their chosen withdrawal methods. To shorten withdrawal times, bettors should use the same deposit and withdrawal method to facilitate sportsbooks’ verification processes. So, if bettors can’t deposit with bank transfers, they should use PayPal or Skrill.         

FOX Bet: Mobile App Grade (4/5)

FOX Bet does a good job of making app navigation intuitive and straightforward. The app opens to popular bets, many of them live. However, there is also a live betting tab on the home screen where bettors can browse live betting lines. Finally, the home screen offers a parlays and boosts tab. Here, bettors can find bet boosts, which are often paralys with further boosted odds. So, there are plenty of quick bets for bettors to wager on from the home page alone. 

Bettors can also browse available sports in two ways. First, bettors can scroll through the sport and league icons on the home page. Bettors can also browse the A-Z sports list as well. On the A-Z page, bettors will also find the promotions and referrals pages. The last major navigational tabs are bet slip and the account sections. The most critical sportsbook functions are easy to reach. FOX Bet falls into the trap of overcrowding its lines and screens a little. But overall, it would be a great app for Ontario.     

FOX Bet: Overall Grade (4.2/5)

If FOX Bet makes it into Ontario, then it’ll be a strong addition to the market. Its welcome bonus is okay, but its odds are good enough to stand up against DraftKings. FOX Bet also offers an excellent array of deposit and withdrawal options. With a user-friendly app, there’s a lot for Ontario bettors to look forward to. If it’s granted market access, FOX Bet will be a worthy addition to Ontario’s private sports betting market.  

Is FOX Bet Legit? 

Yes. FOX Bet is a legitimate company instead of a gray market operator. Here are five reasons that bettors can trust FOX Bet’s legitimacy. 

FOX Sports

FOX Bet features sportscaster personalities from FOX Sports. The presence of real sportscasters with real opinions not only engages fans. But it also adds credibility to FOX Bet. FOX Bet is a legitimate part of the FOX empire, so bettors can trust that it’s the real deal.  

The Stars Group 

FOX Bet is the result of a partnership between FOX Sports and the Stars Group. The Stars Group is a major sports betting company based in Ontario. The Stars Group is traded on the NASDAQ, so bettors can trust that this is a real company instead of some scam.

SEC Filing

The press release that announced FOX Bet is also an official SEC document. The SEC regulates The Star Group, which includes the FOX Bet product. The SEC is a potent regulator, so bettors can feel safe using FOX Bet if they get the chance to do so in Ontario. 

Success In Major Markets

FOX Bet is only in a few American markets. But the ones it’s in are some of the most important sports betting markets in the United States. Colorado and Michigan are major sports betting industries outside of Nevada and the Northeast. However, FOX Bet’s success in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are important indicators of its ability to compete, too. 

Terms And Conditions

Gray market sportsbooks don’t have to worry about agreements with Canada’s regulators. Since they operate outside of Canada’s jurisdiction, they can’t have customer service standards enforced like regulated sportsbooks can. FOX Bet’s terms and conditions are one of its most underrated indicators of legitimacy. Although, that’s a good rule of thumb for any business in any industry.       

Why Choose FOX Bet Over Gray Market Betting Sites? 

It’s not illegal for Canadians to bet at sportsbooks and gambling sites outside of the country. Major Canadian teams even have sponsorships and partnerships with gray market operators. However, there are a few advantages to betting at licensed Canadian sportsbooks rather than gray market operators abroad.   

For example, bettors know that there’s a safety net provided for them when they bet at a licensed Canadian sportsbook. Currently, Ontario’s sports betting industry has one sportsbook: Proline+. It’s run by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). The OLG is regulated by AGCO, so there are several layers of government accountability at licensed Candian sportsbooks than at offshore sportsbooks. 

However, FOX Bet isn’t available for Ontario bettors to use even though it’s not illegal for Ontario bettors to wager at FOX Bet. FOX Bet is still regulated by each state where it gains a sports betting license. That means that FOX Bet cannot accept wagers placed from outside its legal markets. So, Ontario bettors can’t place bets at FOX Bet from Canada before it launches. If bettors really want to, then they can travel to one of FOX Bet’s legal markets to place an early bet.

This should show Ontario bettors how seriously FOX Bet takes not only its business license but also its social license to operate. FOX Bet abides by the industry rules set for it in each of its legal markets. So, if FOX Bet comes to Ontario, then bettors should expect the same professionalism that FOX Bet has demonstrated in its previous markets. If Ontario bettors need a sportsbook to watch for, FOX Bet is a major player that will treat its bettors fairly.   

Why Can You Trust FOX Bet With Your Money? 

Licensed sportsbooks must meet stringent security standards before they’re allowed to launch. In the United States, sportsbooks get audited before going live. An independent auditor examines the software and hardware for security risks. After that, auditors submit reports to the state’s gaming commission and the sportsbook with findings and recommendations. This allows sportsbooks to finalize security standards before they unleash themselves on the betting public. 

FOX Bet also employs standard security measures, like SDD certificates and end-to-end encryption. Encryption protects bettor data by disguising it. So, even if hackers break through, they get strings of nonsense instead of bank account passwords. 

Sportsbooks like FOX Bet also insure themselves against hacks that target bettors’ sportsbook accounts. If a security breach results in empty sportsbook accounts, then FOX Bet has a way to refill customer accounts. So, FOX Bet is proactive in its approach to digital security and has a plan in case a hacker breaks through.   

With these measures in place, Ontario bettors can trust FOX Bet with their money if FOX Bet makes it into Ontario. 

FOX Bet Fact Sheet

Ontario Legal Sports Betting Age19
FOX Bet’s Legal Provinces TBD
FOX Bet’s Ontario PartnerTBD
FOX Bet’s Ontario Launch DateTBD


Does FOX Bet Accept Online Wagers From Ontario?

No. FOX Bet is not licensed or otherwise authorized to accept bets from bettors based in Ontario. FOX Bet’s only legal markets in the United States. Each state where FOX Bet is licensed prohibits FOX Bet from accepting wagers from outside those states. That ensures that surrounding states can maintain their bans on mobile sports betting if they choose to. So, bettors in Ontario can’t bet at FOX Bet any more than bettors in Texas can.  

Is FOX Bet Sportsbook A Legitimate Company?

Yes. FOX Bet is a joint venture between FOX Sports and The Stars Group. Both companies are major brands that have large reputations on the line if FOX Bet was viewed as a bad product. But bettors viewing FOX Bet as a scam would be even worse. So, two major sports brands are coming together to create a product that’s viewed positively by the market. Bettors can take for granted that FOX Bet is a legitimate company. 

How Can Bettors Withdraw Winnings From FOX Bet Sportsbook?

FOX Bet Sportsbook offers a few withdrawal methods: bank transfers, PayPal, and Skrill. Bank transfers are the preferred option. However, some bettors’ banks may block these transactions. So, online wallets like PayPal and Skrill are good backup options for bettors to consider, too. However, withdrawal options can vary from market to market, so Ontario could have withdrawal options not listed here.  

Does FOX Bet Sportsbook Offer Live In-Play Betting?

Yes. It’s one of the first types of bets that bettors will see when they open FOX Bet. It’s on the featured tab and the live tab on the home page. Live betting is a great way to settle many bets quickly. However, bettors must be cognizant of responsible gaming principles while live betting. Chasing losses may be tempting, but bettors must resist the temptation to do so if that happens when so many bets can be settled so quickly. 

Has FOX Bet Been Licensed In Ontario Yet?

No. FOX Bet hasn’t been authorized by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). So, it can’t operate legally in Ontario. However, bettors who are determined to bet at FOX Bet can visit one of FOX Bet’s legal betting markets. 

Does FOX Bet Sportsbook Have eSport Lines?

Yes. FOX Bet has its own section dedicated to esports betting. So, bettors who follow major esports leagues can place bets on their favorite teams at FOX Bet. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the main market for esports betting. However, Call of Duty and a few other tactical shooters lend themselves to esports betting. This will be a space for bettors to watch over the next few years. 

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