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For decades, Ontario residents have only had one option when it comes to sports wagering: placing parlay bets through the lottery corporation. Bettors may have been able to place their wagers online, but have always had to deposit their betting slips at in-person lottery locations. However, this is the case no longer. This Ontario sports betting guide will catch you up on everything bettors need to know about betting in the province.

With the passage of Bill C-218, single event wagers are now legal in Canada and all provinces are looking to expand their sports betting markets. In the beginning of 2022, bettors will begin seeing new sportsbook brands enter Ontario’s market. 

Here’s how this development will affect Ontario and explore which sportsbook operators may be the first to bring single-event sports wagering to Ontario residents.

What Legal Online Sportsbooks Are Coming To Ontario?

While an official sportsbook list has not yet been announced, several major operators have already stated their intentions to launch mobile platforms in Ontario. However, the only legal online sportsbook in Ontario this fall will be OLG’s PROLINE+, which launches on August 27, 2021. The process of accepting commercial sportsbooks is ongoing throughout the fall. They are expected to go live in December 2021.

Expect popular sportsbooks to appear around this time and beyond. DraftKings and FanDuel already provide daily fantasy sports services to residents in Canada. BetMGM is another popular sportsbook that could also launch in the Ontario province.

OLG is not Ontario’s regulator of gaming. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) regulates Ontario gaming. Specifically, iGaming Ontario, a new subsidiary organization to the AGCO will regulate all sportsbooks in the province. iGaming Ontario will manage and control online gambling offerings in this province. 

OLG only oversees lottery and casinos in Ontario and won’t be responsible for private sportsbooks. As a result, they’re allowed to operate the province’s first legal online sportsbook until the private-owned companies enter the market in 2022.

But several private-run sportsbook brands have already announced their intentions to launch in Ontario if they’re granted gaming licenses in 2022. In March 2021, Torstar announced that it wants to launch both an online casino and a sportsbook betting brand. Torstar is already in talks to launch the platform across Ontario, pending approval from other government organizations.

Meanwhile, the American sportsbook operator BetRivers has said that it wants to launch sports wagering in all of Canada as soon as possible. Ontario will likely be the first province that BetRivers will launch in during 2022. But as we’ve said, OLG’s PROLINE+ will be the only legal online sportsbook in Ontario starting this fall.

Caesars may also try to launch its own mobile platform in Ontario, as it already owns the Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino in the titular city. OLG is working with casino service providers on sports betting in casinos. However, retail sports betting like what’s in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey isn’t set in stone.

28 casinos in Ontario have reopened, which OLG is enthusiastic about. There’s an ongoing dialogue with gaming service providers that want to establish sports betting in Ontario casinos. But there are no concrete plans in place yet.  

What Online Sportsbook Bonuses Are Available In Ontario?

PROLINE+ will offer a deposit bonus to new bettors who sign up at proline.ca. However, Ontario residents can expect a variety of opening bonuses to accompany the launch of mobile betting platforms in 2022, including:

  • Betting tokens, which cover a player’s initial bet and refund them with a matching amount of site credit if they lose
  • Deposit bonuses, which match the value of a player’s initial deposit with a proportional amount of site credit
  • No deposit bonuses, which reward new account holders with free site credit to use to try out an app before putting more money down

But keep in mind that almost all mobile sportsbook bonuses will include critical terms and conditions, such as play-through requirements. These requirements force bettors to play through any site credit at least once before they can withdraw that credit as cash.

What Sports Can You Bet On In Ontario?

Ontario’s sports betting market will place few restrictions on the types of allowed sports wagers. Ontario’s early draft of sports betting guidelines set standards for the types of events that sportsbooks can offer lines on. If these same standards make it into the final draft of Ontario’s sportsbook regulations, then all professional, college, and international sports will be available. Examples include the NFL, NHL, CFL, and college football.

Sportsbooks won’t be able to offer lines on events where most participants are minors or on events that profit from the infliction of human misery or suffering. (No SAW events in Ontario.) But even with these preliminary restrictions, Ontario sportsbooks will likely have discretion in whether to offer lines on new and emerging sports, like esports.     

Do Ontario’s Sportsbooks Offer Mobile Apps?

PROLINE+ will have an app when it launches. Bettors can find it on the Apple and Google Play stores. All the major sportsbooks interested in entering Ontario will include mobile apps, too. It’s such a common way to bet that it’d cripple sportsbook revenue to not have an app. (Or to have a bad one.) 

What Do I Need To Create An Online Sportsbook Account In Ontario?

In Ontario, you’ll need a few pieces of personal information to verify your identity, like your address and date of birth. You’ll also need a funding method to deposit cash into your sports betting account, such as a credit or debit card, a linked bank account, or an electronic wallet account. (Usually PayPal, sometimes Skrill.)

Legal Online Sportsbooks Versus Offshore Online Sportsbooks In Ontario

OLG’s PROLINE+ will have the same security and trust that they’ve established with their customers over the past 30 years. That’s an accolade that no gray market operator can claim. Even though private-run online sportsbooks are still months away from launching in Ontario, bettors should wait for them to launch. Legal online sportsbooks will have strong digital security and competitive betting odds.

In contrast, unregulated online sportsbooks may disregard protection for bettors’ personal information and money. Their odds are typically less competitive because they’re only focused on profit. These operators may not pay bettors fairly even if they’re owed winnings. At their worst, unregulated sportsbooks may steal bettors’ money outright. It is better to look toward sportsbooks that go through regulation to validate that money and personal information is safe and secure.      

Ontario Online Sportsbook FAQs

How old do you have to be to bet online in Ontario?

19, which is the same minimum gambling age you need to be to participate in casino gambling in Ontario.

Is DraftKings online sportsbook legal in Ontario?

Not yet, but we will update this page with information on sportsbook apps, bonuses, and more as soon as private-run sportsbooks are available in Ontario.

Is FanDuel’s online sportsbook legal in Ontario?

Not yet, as no private-run sportsbook app has launched in Ontario. We will update this page as soon as launch information is announced.

Do sportsbooks in Ontario offer bonus offers?

New PROLINE+ users will be eligible for a deposit bonus offer. These new bettors can sign up at proline.ca. The private-run sportsbook apps that will launch in Ontario in late 2021 or 2022 will also offer promotional bonuses to new account holders. They’ll likely be more generous and extravagant than PROLINE+. Private-run sportsbooks have more room to blow massive amounts of money on customer acquisition.  

Is betting on college sports allowed in Ontario?

Yes, but that could change. As long as most of the athletes are at least 18, then it’s fair game for sportsbooks to offer betting lines on. However, the final draft of sports betting regulations haven’t been released yet. The review period has ended, and we just have to wait to see whether that single stipulation has remained in place or been augmented after industry feedback.  

Do I have to visit the casino to create an online sports betting account in Ontario?

No. PROLINE+ users can sign up at proline.ca. When private-run sportsbooks enter Ontario at the end of the year, bettors will be able to create online sports betting accounts from the sportsbook apps themselves. 

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