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It’s official: PointsBet Ontario will launch on or soon after April 4, 2022. The sportsbook operator has seen approval from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. They still need to get a contract agreement with iGaming Ontario, but this is expected to be completed in time before launch.

PointsBet, an Australian-based company that only launched in 2017, is one of those major players. Recently, PointsBet announced a new partnership with the major sports reporting and analysis companies Daily Faceoff and The Nation Network. Through these partnerships, PointsBet hopes to become the go-to choice for hockey sports betting in Canada.

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PointsBet Ontario Special Offer For February 2023

PointsBet has a distinct benefit for Ontario users. Learn more about the operator’s top offer by viewing their website.

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19+ only. Additional terms & conditions may apply.

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There aren’t many strings attached with PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook. Site credit for a new user must be used within 30 days of distribution or it will expire. Even better, PointsBet allows you to split your credit across multiple bets – a major plus considering many operators don’t allow this flexibility.

All in all, PointsBet’s features for new users is very generous and a great way to try out the sportsbook before spending too much cash or deciding to make it your main platform.

PointsBet also has a special offer page that’s usually chock-full of options for both beginner and experienced sports bettors. You can sort these offers into categories, break them up by sport or type, and more.

Ultimately, PointsBet scores very highly when it comes to these features, although some options may be a little better at other platforms. At least there’s usually something new to check out at PointsBet.


Any good sportsbook should have quality odds derived from official league data sources. Fortunately, PointsBet qualifies because it provides excellent odds for standard bets.

This is particularly impressive given the sportsbook’s headquarters in Australia and its relatively young age compared to other sports betting giants. Even better, PointsBet offers regular odds boosts on a daily basis. Odds boosts provide specific betting lines or wagers with increased odds and a potentially higher opportunity to profit for those who bet on them.

Therefore, if you don’t have any specific lines or teams you want to bet on and just want to make some money, PointsBet allows you to do this with its odds boost systems.

All that said, PointsBet isn’t always the first to offer high-quality odds for new sporting events or matchups. Still, it’s good enough that you might want to use this platform as a staple choice while you line shop (i.e. browse different sportsbooks for the best odds for a single betting line or game shared between multiple platforms).


As a major sports betting platform, PointsBet allows you to bet on practically every sport you can imagine, including markets for the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and so on. In Ontario, PointsBet will hypothetically also include fantastic betting markets for hockey in particular given its partnerships with hockey sports news organizations. In theory, this may allow PointsBet to have fantastic betting market depth and variety for Canadian hockey at both the professional and college levels.

As far as other North American sports go, PointsBet also has markets for UFC, tennis, NASCAR, golf, and college basketball and football games. Due to its Australian roots, PointsBet does even better and offers fantastic betting markets for international and European sports like soccer, rugby, Australian rules football, and more.

There’s always something new to check out and new opportunities to earn a major profit with PointsBet in Canada.


At the time of this writing, PointsBet hasn’t yet launched in Ontario. So we aren’t fully sure what means of deposit and withdrawal it will offer to its users. In the US, PointsBet allows you to make deposits with a variety of methods, including ACH transfers, credit or debit card transfers, online bank transfers, PayPal transfers, PayNearMe terminals, and even using a dedicated PointsBet MasterCard.

Withdrawal is a little more limited. Aside from getting your cash at a local casino’s cash cage, PointsBet allows you to make withdrawals using ACH transfers or PayPal transfers only. So you won’t be able to wire your bank account directly to your PointsBet account and get your winnings that way.

Time will tell if PointsBet Canada has the same deposit and withdrawal set up as its counterpart in the states. Hopefully, PointsBet Ontario will have a few more withdrawal options available for sports bettors, as having only two is a little limiting.


The PointsBet mobile sportsbook app is very well-designed. It has live chat functionality for customer support, an easy-to-access betting slip that pops up in a secondary window, and a dedicated promotions page as mentioned above.

The red and white color scheme is a clean aesthetic choice and makes it easy to navigate throughout the app and its various functions and menus. We also like that the mobile app is functionally identical to the desktop platform, so you can swap between both sites interchangeably without getting lost.

Naturally, PointsBet is a competitive sportsbook choice because it offers live betting like many other sports wagering giants. The live betting interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through, and placing a bet is quick and simple… which is exactly what you want when you need to put your money down ASAP as the situation fluctuates in the middle of a match.

“PointsBetting” is a feature available in the United States that will not be offered in Ontario. This is likely due to regulations that do not allow for excessive losses. Because the option is high risk, high reward, it is not offered to Ontarians.


Ultimately, PointsBet Ontario is a fantastic sportsbook app from start to finish. Not only does it have very generous offers, but it also has various odds boosts to keep things interesting. This is useful even for longtime sports bettors.

More importantly, PointsBet has a fantastic mobile app in terms of interface and navigability, plus live betting that is sure to thrill sports bettors looking for something challenging and exciting. The app’s customer service is stellar, the app is lag-free, and the available sports betting markets are well-developed and diverse.

In our opinion, PointsBet would be one of the best mobile sportsbook apps to launch in Ontario in the upcoming year. Once it launches in April, we highly recommend you give it a try. 

Is PointsBet Sportsbook Legit?

Yes. Though it only launched in 2017, PointsBet has since successfully expanded into the US from its Australian roots. It was successful in setting up sportsbook apps in several states, including New Jersey, Colorado, and more. As a result, you can rest assured it’s a very safe and legitimate operation.

Multiple US states had to vet and investigate the sportsbook app before awarding it licensure. In addition to that, several Canadian organizations, like the above-mentioned partners, have investigated PointsBet and found it to be legitimate and trustworthy.

PointsBet has promised to follow the sports wagering rules set by whatever provincial government will allow it to operate. Therefore, when it launches in Ontario, PointsBet will operate legitimately and you won’t need to worry about your personal information or money being stolen.

Why Choose PointsBet Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Since single event wagering is now legal in Canada, there’s no reason to choose an illegal or offshore betting site as you might have before. While offshore betting sites were technically an option to Canadian residents, they were rife with potential risks, like:

  • Low digital security, putting your personal information and winnings at risk from cybercriminals like hackets
  • Low trust. The offshore betting organizations are not overseen by any Canadian regulatory body, so there is and was nothing stopping them from taking your money and running
  • Poor betting odds and market variety, meaning your sports betting experience was more likely to be subpar

In contrast, PointsBet is a legitimate sportsbook operation and will be regulated by the Ontario government and any subsidiary organizations once it’s licensed. Therefore, should anything ever go wrong, you’ll be able to pursue a legal recourse and possibly get your money back.

Why Can You Trust PointsBet Sportsbook With Your Money?

PointsBet already has a history of successful operation in many US states and beyond. Because of this, you can trust that the operator will not take your money or try to dispute legitimate winnings you make from placing successful wagers.

On top of that, PointsBet uses SSL certification and other digital security methods to ensure that your information and your money are safe from digital hackers and other cyber threats. All in all, PointsBet is very trustworthy with your money given its history of successful operation.

PointsBet Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How Old Do You Have To Be?19
What Provinces Is It Legal In?Ontario
Who Is PointsBet’s Partner In Canada?Daily Faceoff/The Nation Network
Launch Date In OntarioExpected April 4, 2022

PointsBet Ontario FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online at PointsBet Ontario?

Not at this time, although PointsBet has been cleared to launch in Ontario on or after April 4, 2022. This will mark the first province to launch legal, regulated single-event wagering in Canada. 

How old will you have to be to bet online using PointsBet in Ontario?

19. You will need to be 19 or older to place a bet in Ontario.

Will you need to be in Ontario when you place a sports wager using PointsBet?

Yes; the app will include geolocation software to make sure you don’t place a bet outside provincial lines. If you leave Ontario, you’ll have access to your account, but you won’t be able to place an actual bet unless you’re within the province. 

How will you get paid if you win at PointsBet Ontario?

You’ll be able to withdraw your winnings using either PayPal or ACH transfers. Other methods may be available once PointsBet Ontario launches. 

Does PointsBet have any offers for new users?

We do not know what the new user offer will be for PointsBet in Ontario at this time.

Can you sign up for PointsBet from anywhere within Ontario?

Most likely. You’ll probably be able to sign up for PointsBet from within Ontario provincial lines at a minimum.

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