Rivalry Ontario Sports Betting Launch Updates

Rivalry is a sports gambling platform that emphasizes esports and their casino game, Rushlane, along with traditional offerings. It’s a sportsbook that the company says is catered “for the next generation of bettors.” While esports are front and center of the platform, typical sports and leagues are available, including American football, ice hockey, and basketball.

All of the top esports around the world are available to bet on, including Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valorant, a trending first-person shooter from Riot Games, and NBA 2K have become popular across North America in recent years. Niche offerings, including the Blizzard card game Hearthstone and hybrid racing soccer game, Rocket League, are also available.

Similar to other online sportsbooks, Rivalry offers a welcome bonus for new users. It is not clear what the bonus will be for Ontario residents. In other markets, Rivalry has offered a 100% deposit bonus. Terms and conditions apply.

Ontario residents must be 19 years or older to use Rivalry.

Latest Updates On Rivalry Launch

On October 28, 2021, Rivalry submitted an application to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to operate in Toronto and the province of Ontario. They will also look to get a commercial agreement with iGaming Ontario. Pending approval, they look to launch at some point in the first half of 2022.

In early November, Rivalry reported a $12.8 million betting handle for the month of October. This is the highest amount received in wagers for the company in its history. This is also up 350% compared to the same month last year, which was approximately $2.84 million. Rivalry additionally reported increases in wagers toward its casino game, Rushlane, and brand engagement.

On Nov. 24, Rivalry reported a significant jump in third-quarter activity compared to last year in an earnings report. They had a betting handle of $23.2 million and revenue of $3.7 million. These were increases of 149% and 679% from a year ago, respectively. The company does not carry any debt as of the end of September.

Rivarly announced that they received approval from the AGCO for the upcoming Ontario mobile market launch. They are expected to be one of the first gaming operators early on. The organization also is launching its platform in Australia soon, making it the first regulated market to include Rivalry.

History Of Rivalry

Rivalry was founded in 2018 and is based in Toronto, Ontario. They received a gaming license earlier in the year at the Isle of Man, located between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With this license, they operate in over 100 different markets. They are looking at expanding in a number of different countries, including Canada.

What is Rushlane?

Rushlane is a casino game that will be available on Rivalry for Ontario residents. Ontario will allow online casino gaming in their province. Bettors are able to gamble on a random racing game with others to potentially win money. The company classifies it as a Massively Multiplayer Online Gambling Game (MMOGG).

A number of districts are available to join with multiple races taking place at the same time. Players can enter a pool of up to 24 other gamblers and place their stakes toward a final prize amount. At least three players are needed before a race can begin.

The top finishers of the race will receive part of the final prize pool. First place receives most of the award while other finishers will receive a smaller portion. The number of winners is based on the total players that are participating in the race.

All events are completely automated and randomized. Various traps and boosters are spread out across the track. Players simply watch to see if the racer they bet on will be able to cross the finish line first.

Rivalry FAQ

How is Rivalry different compared to other sportsbooks?

Rivalry is a sportsbook that puts esports at the front and center of their betting platform. They highlight various esports to gamble on at the home page.

Otherwise, it is very similar to other sportsbooks. Traditional leagues, like the NFL and NHL, are available to place wagers on.

Does Rivalry offer a welcome bonus?

Yes. At the moment, its general welcome bonus is a 100% deposit match for up to $100. This is not available to Ontario residents at the moment.

Can I bet on Rivalry in Toronto?

No. Rivalry is currently going through the application process to receive approval from the AGCO. This could happen within a few months to anytime during the first half of 2022.

What is an "esport"?

Esports, or “electronic sports,” are sporting events within video games. Genres of games played feature multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), first-person shooters, fighting, virtual card games, and more.

Officially organized events where all players are 18 or older are eligible to bet on, regardless of the video game being played. Events typically take place online or by local area network (LAN) in a gaming facility or arena.

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