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Sports Interaction is live in Ontario. Also known as SIA, Sports Interaction offers users an excellent sports betting experience.

SIA offers solid odds that are right in line with other sportsbooks in Ontario. It also offers several convenient options for deposit and withdrawal.

Where Sports Interaction really stands out, though, is in the sports and the types of bets offered.

There is truly something for every sports bettor on SIA!

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Let’s examine some recent betting lines from Sports Interaction and BetMGM to see how SIA stacks up against the competition. We’ll be looking closely at the quality of lines and the amount of money each sportsbook charges for handling your bets.

Sports Interaction Betting Line

Maple Leafs-1.5 (+140)-176O6.5 (-120)
Stars+1.5 (-168)+147U6.5 (+100)

The Maple Leafs were a pretty stout favorite against the Stars. You’d need to bet $176 to win $100 on them on the moneyline. If you’re confident that Toronto will win by at least two goals, the better bet is to play the Leafs on the puckline (or spread). A $100 bet would return $140 if Toronto wins by at least two goals. This is a big total at 6.5, and you can get even money by betting the under.

Why are the odds attached to these results important? They help you figure out the vig, or vigorish, you’re being charged. This is the fee the sportsbook charges to handle your bet. Sports Action’s cut is 4.35% on the spread, 4.25% on the moneyline, and 4.55% on the total. These are competitive numbers considering the average vig is 4.36% at standard odds of -110 on both sides of a bet.

BetMGM Betting Line

Maple Leafs-1.5 (+170)-140O6.5 (-115)
Stars+1.5 (-200)+115U6.5 (-105)

BetMGM’s vig on the puckline is 3.70%, 4.84% on the moneyline, and 4.71% on the total. Sports Interaction charged you less than BetMGM for two of the three available bets. It’s important to note that no single sportsbook will always have the best (and cheapest) odds for every game. But you need to be aware of sportsbooks that offer consistently higher vigs. Sports Interaction and BetMGM graded out well, but this is of course, a small sample size.

Let’s review what bets cashed for the April 7 game between the Maple Leafs and Stars. Toronto beat Dallas, 4-3. If you bet the Maple Leafs on the moneyline, you cashed a winning ticket. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, betting the Leafs on the puckline at -1.5 goals did not pay off. Remember that you had to have Toronto win by at least two goals. The game was a high-scoring affair, and the game went OVER the 6.5-goal total.


Sports Interaction’s roster of sports rivals anything you’ll find in the entire sports betting industry. As of April 2022, the full list of available sports included:

Whew! That is an exhaustive list. Equally impressive is the number of ways to get action at Sports Interaction. Available bets include:

  • Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total
  • Round Robin
  • Teasers
  • Super Teasers
  • Pleasers
  • Parlays
  • Props
  • Futures
  • Each Way Bets
  • Two-Way Bets
  • Three-Way Bets
  • Novelty Bets
  • Live bets

Again, this is just an impressive array of options. In the category of novelty bets, you’ll find something called a Pinata Pick. This was new to us. The Pinata Pick is a prop bet that features a randomly assigned team with a specified outcome at favorable odds. The name of the team is only revealed after the bet has been placed.


Registering for a Sports Interaction account is a very straightforward process, and it requires very little time. The first thing you’ll need to do is provide some personal information. This will include your name, date of birth, social security number, a valid email address, and mailing address.

  • You will then receive an email from Sports Interaction to confirm the information and verify your account. Do this and we’ll move on to the next step of funding your new account.
  • Sports Interaction offers several convenient ways to make your first deposit. Credit cards and eChecks are among the options, but we recommend using e-Transfer by Interac. This allows you to easily connect your personal banking account and have funds deposited within an hour. There is no fee for the transfer.
  • Remember, there is an important step to take before making your initial deposit. Navigate to the welcome offer and opt-in to ensure you maximize your free betting credits.
  • Once this is done, make your first deposit, and confirm the funds (and free credits) have reached your account. Congratulations! You’re now ready to make your first bet with Sports Interaction.

Editor’s note on withdrawal options: We touched on the available deposit options, but Sports Interaction also offers many easy ways to make withdrawals. At the time of this review, they included Visa, Interac, bank transfer, eCheck, actual check, INSTADEBIT, and more. While there is no withdrawal charge using Visa, fees and processing times can vary using other services. Be sure to check Sports Interaction’s website for the most current information.  


Sports Interaction does not have a mobile sports betting app. This could change in the future, and we will keep you updated here at Toronto Sports Media.


The overall grade for Sports Interaction is based on the scores in each of the previous categories. While Sports Interaction does not yet have an app, we aren’t going to penalize it for that. Sports Interaction provides Ontario sports bettors with a positive experience overall. The breadth of its sports offerings is off-the-charts good, as is the number of different bets you can make here. Navigating the site is easy for novice and experienced bettors alike. Sports Interaction’s live-betting platform is also a plus; the desktop experience compares very favorably to using a top sports betting app.

Overall, we recommend Sports Interaction as a solid sportsbook with competitive odds. It’s always to your advantage to open accounts at multiple sportsbooks. That way, you can shop around the market for the best available odds on your bets. We’d recommend using Sports Interaction to complement other accounts at DraftKings Ontario, Caesars Ontario, BetMGM Ontario, etc.

Is Sports Interaction Ontario Legit?

Yes, indeed. As a licensed and legal operator now in Ontario’s regulated sports betting industry, Sports Interaction is a legitimate option. You won’t have to worry about your money or personal information being secure at Sports Interaction. Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission will regulate and oversee all of Sports Interaction’s business dealings as a licensed operator. The commission will help protect the interest of customers at Sports Interaction and other legal operators. Here are five reasons you should feel comfortable betting real money at Sports Interaction:

  1. Safe and secure deposits and withdrawals
  2. Competitive odds on a variety of sports
  3. Many different ways to have action on your favorite sports
  4. Easy to navigate website
  5. Gambling for Canadians by Canadians

Why Choose Sports Interaction Ontario Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Choose it for the reasons we mentioned above. You can rest assured that your money and personal information will both be safe at Sports Interaction. Illegal sportsbooks operate in a gray market with no checks and balances on their business practices. With no regulating body to answer to, they essentially answer to themselves. Very often, you’ll find weaker digital security systems that can leave your money and personal information exposed to hackers and cybercriminals in the information age. The last thing you want to do is put your money and identity at risk by using an illegal sportsbook. It’s just not worth the risk; you have too much to lose in the end.

Sports Interaction Ontario Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?19 in Ontario
What provinces are Sports Interaction legal in?Only Ontario


Is it legal to bet on sports online with Sports Interaction Ontario?

Yes. Sports Interaction is now part of the open and expanded sports betting market in Ontario. SIA launched as a licensed member in April 2022. It’s now a safe and trusted option for Ontario sports bettors. We recommend it along with BetMGM Canada, BetRivers Ontario, and PointsBet Ontario. These are all quality options, and you should not use illegal sportsbooks in Ontario for the reasons we detailed above.

Is in-game wagering available at Sports Interaction Ontario?

Yes. Live betting, or in-game betting, is available at Sports Interaction using its desktop platform. SIA does not have a sports betting app as of yet, but the desktop version provides a seamless in-game betting experience. It compares favorably to many of the best sports betting apps on the market when it comes to in-game wagering.

How many different sports can you bet on at Sports Interaction Ontario?

By our count, Sports Interaction offers 20 different sports to bet on. This is a robust list of sports and it includes all of the major sports for mainstream bettors. Niche bettors will also be pleased to find everything from cricket to handball and even eSports. That is one standout feature for Sports Interaction because many US-based sportsbooks don’t offer wagering on eSports.

What is the best way to make a deposit at Sports Interaction Ontario?

Our recommendation is to use the Interac e-transfer option. It’s a safe and secure transaction that comes with no fee. You’ll connect your personal banking account with Interac, who will then make the transfer to Sports Interaction within 60 minutes. Sports Interaction offers customers a special incentive when making deposits this way.

How old do you have to be to bet at Sports Interaction Ontario?

You must be at least 19 years of age to legally place bets in Ontario.

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