TheScore Bet Canada Bonus Code And Launch Updates

Canada’s sports betting market continues to evolve, and a launch of theScore Bet’s unique sports betting platform in Ontario is becoming more and more likely. Although this commercial sportsbook operator hasn’t launched yet in Canada as an official provider, theScore Bet, technically, is currently available to Canadian residents with bonus codes given the government’s lack of restrictions on offshore betting sites.

TheScore itself is a Canadian company based in Toronto. So it’s no surprise that it aims to be one of the first commercial operators active in Ontario and, potentially, beyond depending on when individual provinces expand their sports betting markets.

While Americans currently can enjoy theScore Bet, Canadians may not know what to expect when this sports betting platform finally receives licensure in Ontario or other provinces. Let’s take a look at theScore Bet in detail so you can determine whether you’ll give this sports betting platform a shot when it finally launches near you.

theScore Bet Canada Bonus Code For January 2022

TheScore Bet currently offers an opening bonus to all its US customers, and we can assume that it’ll offer the same to Canadian users in the future. The bonus comes in two parts: a deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000 and a risk-free bet up to $500.

Terms & conditions apply.

The ScoreBet Promo CodeComing Soon
Risk-Free BetRisk-Free Bet Up To $500
Deposit/Match BonusFirst Deposit Match Bonus Up To $1,000
What Provinces Allow TheScore BetAll, Technically
TheScore Bet’s Land-Based PartnerPenn National Gaming
Promo Code Verified ForJanuary 2022

theScore Bet Canada: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4.4/5)

Let’s untangle the opening bonus from theScore Bet with a little more detail.

The first part of the bonus is a little more complex than you may expect. First, you have to sign up for your new account and deposit any amount up to $1,000. That amount will immediately be matched by theScore Bet in site credit.

Unlike the deposit match opening bonuses from other sportsbook platforms, you have to unlock the credit as you wager. Basically, there’s a 5% cashback rate that applies to every wager you place on this betting site with odds of -300 or greater.

Let’s say you place a wager of $100. That means you’ll get a $5  site credit from the bonus balance. How much total credit you will eventually be rewarded with is dependent on your initial deposit. This first sounds somewhat needlessly restrictive, but there is one advantage: once you unlock the site credit, you can withdraw it immediately.

This is different from other sportsbooks’ opening bonuses, which usually have play-through requirements. They require you to play through the bonus site credit one time or more before you can withdraw the site credit as cash.

On the downside, you have to be lucky to see a positive end balance for your site credit by the time you unlock the total credit amount. Furthermore, you only have 60 days to unlock the total bonus amount. Any cash left from your deposit match will expire at the end of that time frame.

The second part of the opening bonus is a little more accessible. Whenever you make your first bet, it’s risk-free up to $500. Say that you wager $400 on a bet when you first try theScore Bet. You’ll get that $400 back risk-free. However, there are some restrictions to how you can use this site credit. For example, your betting markets are restricted to lines with +300 odds or better, and you have to place your bet within seven days of receiving the credit.

As you can see from these above examples, theScore Bet’s opening bonuses are generous, though they do come with certain restrictions or strings attached. It’s a good idea to review the rules of the opening bonuses before signing up for this sportsbook so you aren’t taken by surprise.

Additionally, theScore Bet offers regular exclusive betting offers and special promotions to keep things interesting over time. For example, theScore Bet’s current promotion is parlay protection, which is essentially parlay bet insurance up to a $10 site credit whenever you place a parlay bet with four or more legs.

Ultimately, theScore Bet offers a good range of promotional opportunities and its opening bonus is potentially valuable, though it’s a bit more complex than we’d like for new sports betting fans.

theScore Bet Canada Sports Betting App: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.7/5)

Great sportsbook apps in Canada will have fantastic odds relative to their competitors. Perhaps because of its opening organization, theScore Bet does quite well in terms of odds competitiveness.

Whether you like to put your money down on the favorite or underdog, you should find good possibilities for payouts regardless of your chosen betting market or niche. TheScore Bet also lets you place bets with a wide range of wager types, including totals bets, futures bets, parlay bets, moneyline bets, and more.

Overall, theScore Bet’s odds are fairly competitive and are good relative to the other active sportsbooks in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

theScore Canada: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.5/5)

You’ll also want to know that theScore Bet has good market depth and variety before funding your account with tons of cash. Luckily, TheScore Bet does quite well in this regard for both US and Canadian sports.

You’ll be to find betting markets for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and many more American sporting leagues. Naturally, Canadian football, hockey, and Canadian baseball will also be available with deep betting markets with plenty of betting lines. This will likely be even more true once theScore Bet officially launches in Canada, as the operator will focus more on local Canadian sports.

TheScore Bet also offers some international betting opportunities, such as betting markets for international soccer, cricket, rugby, and more. This sportsbook app doesn’t do quite as well when it comes to niche sporting events, such as darts or NASCAR races in the US. You also won’t find esports betting markets on this platform.

Still, if you’re an average Canadian sports bettor and just want to be able to put your money down on hockey or football games, you’ll find plenty of betting markets to keep you satisfied on theScore Bet.

theScore Bet Canada: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4.4/5)

Whether you want to deposit or withdraw your winnings, there’s a $10 minimum to keep in mind when you use the theScore Bet sportsbook app. The app overall is very fast when processing deposits or withdrawals, and there are several deposit methods you can use, including credit or debit card transactions, prepaid card transactions, and ACH or e-check transactions.

Interestingly, theScore Bet offers a few withdrawal-only methods, ranging from prepaid cards to casino cash cage withdrawals (currently unavailable in Canada) and online banking transfers. Please note that these deposit and withdrawal methods could be a little different in Canada once theScore Bet launches, but they likely won’t deviate too much from these options.

All in all, TheScore Bet offers a decent spread of depositing cash-out options, though not as much variety as other commercial sportsbooks in Canada.

theScore Canada: Mobile App Grade (4.6/5)

What about the mobile app itself? This mobile betting platform was created to work directly alongside theScore’s sports media app, so you can access betting markets, sports news, and everything in between just by touching a quick button. This makes it easy to stay in the midst of sports activities all day long.

The app is very well-designed and intuitive, and you can expand the view of available bets for specific lines to include different wager types as opportunities. The app is built on a tabs system, which allows you to swap between betting lines or other parts of the betting platform very quickly and easily.

It also includes a number of special features, such as the ability to build your bets in theScore’s media app before transferring them over to theScore Bet mobile betting platform. Simply put, if you like to keep abreast of sports news and place wagers based on what you read, theScore Bet could be the best choice overall.

In terms of customer support, theScore Bet mobile app offers an FAQ page if you need a quick answer to a technical problem or common issue. The app also offers phone and email customer support channels but not live chat, which is a slight downside.

Still, the theScore Bet mobile sportsbook all in all is a pretty excellent offering and one that Canadian sports betting fans should heavily check out when it eventually launches.

theScore Bet Canada Mobile App: Overall Grade (4.5/5)

TheScore Bet is poised to make a major impact in the Canadian mobile sports betting market thanks to its quality mobile app, good range of betting markets, and, potentially, a generous opening bonus — even if it is a little more complex and comes with more rules than average.

While the available cashout and deposit methods could be a little more varied, the mobile app overall is a solid competitor and one that Canadian residents will likely appreciate. As a local Canadian sportsbook platform, theScore Bet proves that Canadian sportsbook apps can compete with American ones.

Is theScore Bet Canada Legit?

Yes, and though it isn’t currently active in Canada in any official capacity, already it has an excellent history of success in the US.

In a nutshell, theScore is actually a Canadian company that offers a sports news app to Canadian residents. Most recently, Penn National Gaming completed its acquisition of theScore for about a $2 billion spread between both cash and stock options.

Penn National did this because it wants to solidify theScore as the primary Canadian sports wagering platform for Ontario residents and Canadians across the country. If you’re Canadian, theScore Bet is as close as you can get to a “home” sports betting platform.

On top of that, theScore Bet has already been licensed and verified by multiple states in the US in the past. These states each use individual governing bodies to investigate and then license sportsbook operators.

The fact that multiple regulating organizations or gaming departments find the sportsbook app to be without major flaws or problems with security speaks volumes about its trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Hopefully, as Ontario’s commercial sports betting market expands further, theScore Bet will receive licensure sooner rather than later. We also expect theScore Bet to be a major presence in Toronto as well since it is based in this city.

Why Choose theScore Bet Sportsbook Over Offshore Betting Sites?

Simply put, because theScore Bet is going to be licensed in Canada sometime very soon, starting with Ontario. As a fully licensed and legitimate sportsbook platform, theScore Bet will offer better betting opportunities, more diverse betting markets, and higher quality digital security than many offshore betting sites can match.

On top of that, you can expect that Canada’s version of theScore Bet sportsbook app will have Canadian-specific bonuses, promotions, and other aspects that will make it a great betting platform for locals. In contrast, all offshore betting sites will focus more on American or European sports, so they may not have the betting lines or market you’re looking for.

Why Can You Trust theScore With Your Money?

TheScore Bet is one of the most successful mobile sportsbook platforms in America. Furthermore, it’s run by theScore: a local Canadian sports news organization based in Toronto.

Even if that weren’t the case, theScore Bet would be a better choice than many offshore betting sites since it uses firewalls, antivirus software, and SSL certification to protect your funds and your personal information. It’s dedicated to providing a fun gaming experience for each of its users that stands in sharp contrast to poor digital security and potential thievery you might encounter with offshore betting sites.

Since theScore Bet will be licensed by several official gaming regulatory organizations, you’ll have a legal avenue to turn to if you suspect your account has been hacked, too. When it comes to keeping your funds safe, legitimate organizations like theScore Bet are your best bets (pun intended).

theScore Bet Canada App Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?18 or 19 depending on your province
What provinces is theScore Bet available in?All, technically
theScore Bet’s partner in CanadaPenn National Gaming
Launch date in CanadaTBD

theScore Bet Canada FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online with theScore Bet in Canada at this moment?

Technically, yes, but not in an official capacity. TheScore Bet still counts as an offshore betting app since it’s only licensed in American states. However, theScore Bet should be licensed and officially launch in Ontario sometime in the very near future.

How old do you need to be to bet online with theScore Bet in Canada?

That depends on your province. For example, Ontario residents will need to be 19 or older, whereas other provinces may only require you to be 18 or older.

How can you get paid if you win at theScore Bet?

TheScore Bet offers a variety of withdrawal methods, including online bank transactions and prepaid card transfers.

Can you do in-play betting at theScore Bet in Canada?

Yes. TheScore Bet offers a dedicated live game market where you can see live betting odds being updated from moment to moment.

Do you need to be in Canada when you place a sports wager at theScore Bet?

Not at this time, but if theScore Bet is ever fully licensed, you will need to be within your province’s borders to place a bet.

How many different sports can you bet on with theScore Bet?

TheScore Bet allows you to bet on dozens of different sporting activities ranging from hockey to football to European soccer and more.

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