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Bill C-218 was finally passed in the Canadian legislature, marking the legalization of single event wagering for sports betting fans throughout Canada. At last, Toronto and other Canadian residents no longer have to be limited to parlay sports bets. Single-bet wagering is available throughout the country beginning August 27, 2021. Our Toronto sports betting guide will catch you up on all of the exciting changes coming to the city.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG) launches PROLINE+ on the same day single-bet wagers go live. This will be the first platform available in Toronto and throughout the Ontario province. Many commercial sportsbook operators will apply to become legal and operational within the province into early next year.

Since things are developing quickly, this page will break down everything you need to know about Toronto’s current and upcoming sports betting industry.

What Legal Online Sportsbooks Are Coming To Toronto?

Odds are a variety of top-tier sportsbook offerings will come to Toronto as the industry expands. Some of these will be local, such as theScore Bet. The native Canadian gaming company already has a mobile sportsbook platform up and running in several US states. Once the details about Canada’s sports betting industry are finalized, expect DraftKings and BetMGM to be among the first to launch.

PROLINE+ will be the first legal sportsbook to go live online in Toronto. Bettors can access the platform through their desktop or mobile devices. A standalone app or upgrades to their current gaming app for iOS and Android devices will likely access the sportsbook in some form.

Other sportsbook platforms can also come to Toronto residents as early as December 2021, such as DraftKings and BetRivers. Both of the sports operators have announced their intention to expand to the Canadian sports betting market. The approval process goes through the iGaming Ontario agency, which is a subsidiary of the regulation group, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

theScore Bet will have prominence in Toronto and throughout Ontario. Score Media and Gaming will be adding more jobs to their location at the Waterfront Innovation Centre in TO. Penn National announced that they would push theScore Bet as their official sports betting platform in Canada.

PointsBet has hired over a dozen new employees in their offices in Toronto, which opened over the summer. FanDuel also has multiple job listings for its Toronto offices. On Oct. 18, the company brought in Dale Hooper as the General Manager of Canada for leading and developing the platform in all provinces.

Another significant hire was Amanda Brewer as a Canadian-based manager for Kindred Group. The organization is connected with Unibet, leading to further exposure of that sportsbook platform into Toronto and beyond. She is also a senior advisor with the Canadian Gaming Association.

Further in the local scene, The Toronto Star is looking to expand its offerings by starting a sportsbook platform. In March 2021, the newspaper announced that it wanted to launch both a sports betting app and an online casino brand in the same year. Naturally, this relies on approval from the AGCO.

What Online Sportsbook Bonuses Will Be Available In Toronto?

Any sportsbooks to launch in Toronto may come with a plethora of opening bonus types. PROLINE+ generally features a new user deposit match bonus of $25. On special occasions, they may boost that bonus offer. Early in the American football season, they provided a deposit bonus of up to $100.

Future sportsbook apps in Toronto and throughout Ontario could offer opening bonuses like:

  • Betting tokens, which may cover your initial bet if it is a loss up to a certain amount of site credit or a token that meets specific betting requirements.
  • Deposit match bonuses, which match your initial deposit amount up to a certain amount by a percentage or at a flat 100% rate
  • Free bets or no deposit bonuses, which give you free site credit to test out an app thoroughly before you put more money down

What Sports Will You Be Able To Bet On?

Once sports betting comes to Toronto, residents will have a plethora of sporting activities to bet on. Most sportsbook apps will offer a default spread of sports leagues and markets, including those for hockey, Canadian football, soccer, and more. Toronto residents can also expect that any dedicated sportsbook platforms will include promotions or special wagers for Toronto’s many professional sports franchises. This includes:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs, a professional National Hockey League franchise that plays at Scotiabank Arena
  • Toronto Raptors, a professional National Basketball Association franchise that plays at Scotiabank Arena
  • Toronto Blue Jays, a professional Major League Baseball franchise that plays at Rogers Centre

Do Toronto’s Sportsbooks Offer Mobile Apps?

OLG gaming services feature a dedicated mobile app to place their bets within a game, such as “Pools,” “Props,” and “Point Spread.” Picks are saved and then users show a barcode at an OLG retailer. An alternative option is selecting picks on a paper slip at an in-store location and paying for the ticket. Users turn the ticket in to retrieve any winnings.

Sportsbook operators looking to expand into Canadian markets will have dedicated mobile apps more often than not. With these apps, you’ll be able to place bets from anywhere within Toronto and Ontario’s provincial lines.

What Will You Need To Create An Online Sportsbook Account In Toronto?

In Toronto, you’ll likely need a few pieces of personal information to complete the sportsbook account registration process. These may include your address and date of birth, which a sportsbook operator’s employees can use to verify your identity before finalizing registration.

Legal Versus Offshore Online Sportsbooks In Toronto

Offshore or unregulated online sportsbooks could seem tempting at the moment, but they are never a good idea as they don’t have good digital security to protect your personal information. Furthermore, there’s nothing stopping them from taking your funds and no means of legal recourse you can pursue.

In contrast, PROLINE+ is offered through OLG and features a high level of security. This platform is also regulated by the AGCO. Other online sportsbooks coming to Toronto over the next few months or years will have high-quality digital security measures, like SSL certification. They will also provide player-friendly odds and betting markets, so your chances of seeing big profits from winning a bet will be higher.

Toronto Online Sportsbook FAQs

How old do you have to be to bet online in Toronto?

19 as this is the legal minimum age for Toronto residents to enter any of Ontario’s retail or commercial casinos.

Is DraftKings online sportsbook legal in Toronto?

Not yet, but DraftKings is likely going to be among the first sportsbook platforms to launch in this city.

Is FanDuel online sportsbook legal in Toronto?

No, but FanDuel may join other sports betting platforms and become a popular betting app in Toronto in the near future.

Do sportsbooks in Toronto offer credit?

PROLINE+ features a sign-up bonus for new users at $50. Upcoming sportsbook apps and platforms may provide opening bonuses or other promotions to entice new players.

Is betting on college sports allowed in Toronto?

Not yet. It’s unknown whether Ontario will allow collegiate sports bets or not, especially since college sports bets aren’t as important in Canada as they are in the US.

Do I have to visit a casino to create my online sports betting account in Toronto?

No. Most likely, you’ll be able to complete the sports betting registration process entirely remotely.

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