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Unibet likes to consider itself a sportsbook by players and for players. With roots dating back to the 1990s in Sweden, Unibet is an established sportsbook on the international and US markets. It is not as flashy as many sites, but flash does not make a sportsbook better. Users can enjoy competitive odds and some impressive market depth.

Read on and we’ll tell you more all about Unibet Sportsbook Ontario.

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Something of great importance to every sportsbook is having competitive odds. No one wants to undercut the competition too much and risk losing money. But, at the same time, make them too strict, and you risk losing business to books with better odds.

Overall, the odds at Unibet can be described as competitive and in line with most sportsbooks in the industry. However, there will be occasions where the pricing is going to be inferior to other books. It is more common among less-popular sports. It’s not that they are always bad in this regard, but they can be inconsistent since the volume of bets with these sports is inconsistent.

You will like the odds and vig on major sports just fine, but if you are more interested in lesser-known or niche sports, you may want to shop around and see if any other legally licensed sportsbook in Ontario has something better. 


Sports bettors in Ontario will find Unibet offers an extensive range of sports with an impressive depth of markets in most. All the major sports are well represented, including football (NFL, CFL, and NCAAF), basketball (NBA, NCAAM, and several international leagues), baseball (MLB), NHL hockey, and soccer. The overall selection of sports is quite extensive and includes quite a few niche sports.

Unibet Sportsbook Ontario currently has odds posted for the following sports: Australian Rules, Badminton, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Cycling, Cyclo-Cross, Darts, Esports, Floorball, Football, Futsal, Golf, Greyhounds, Handball, Hockey, Horse Racing, Motorsports, Rugby (League and Union), Snooker, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Trotting, Table Tennis, UFC/MMA, WWE/Pro Wrestling, Olympics, Virtual Sports, and Volleyball.

There is even an extensive selection of markets related to politics in the US and other countries.

In comparison to most sportsbooks, no one offers the selection of sports that Unibet Ontario does. However, where they do lack in some regards is the selection of prop bets in specific markets. For instance, the selection for NFL games is excellent. But for NBA games, the selection is somewhat lacking.

Unibet also offers a solid range of futures markets in most major sports. Users can also engage in live, in-play betting for several sports. The site lists games that are in play as well as those that are upcoming. 



The province of Ontario has legislation in place to regulate withdrawal and deposit methods, as well as timelines. Therefore, you should be able to find cashout and deposit options at Unibet Sportsbook similar to its competitors in Ontario: credit/debit card, PayPal, online banking, and a few other options. 



Having a good, functioning mobile sports betting app is critical for sportsbooks in today’s market. While the Unibet app is not one of the best in the business, it is up to the task and sufficient to serve your betting needs.

While most major sportsbooks have developed a single app that can be used no matter where you are located, Unibet’s apps are location-specific. In Ontario, the iOS app is available on the App Store, but the Android app needs to be downloaded from the website. Of course, users are also able to bet on the go via a web browser on their mobile device.

Overall, the reports on Unibet’s mobile apps and mobile-friendly website have been positive. There have been glitches and issues with the apps after they were launched. But recent reviews have been more favorable and less about glitches. However, the geolocation software is spotty at best and can bring your sports betting experience to an end long before it starts.

The most common knock on the Unibet app is that the interface isn’t as sleek as other operators.  Unibet opts for a minimalist aesthetic. While that doesn’t impact functionality, most people are looking for a little more flash from an international platform.

From a functional standpoint, the Unibet app is comparable to the rest of the industry but a step down in most cases. However, the issues with geolocation are a real problem. 


Overall, Unibet is a good sportsbook. The site and app are easy to understand and navigate. The odds are competitive, and the selection of sports available at Unibet Ontario is impressive. You will be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook with a more extensive selection.

While Unibet is solid, the geolocation issues with the mobile site and app make this operator a little harder to recommend. It does not matter how great a site or app is if the geolocation software does not work correctly and you can’t place a bet.

Is Unibet Legit?

Trust is a significant issue for many bettors when it comes to betting online. No one wants to risk their money or personal information online and risk losing much more than just a wager—which is why bettors often wonder whether a sportsbook is legit.

The following are a few reasons why we think Unibet is a legitimate sportsbook people in Ontario should feel safe using:

  • Unibet has been thoroughly investigated by the US state regulating authorities in which it operates. No red flags have been made public knowledge, and the book has not been involved in any major scandals.
  • As a longtime veteran in the sports betting industry overseas, it is unlikely Unibet risks doing damage to its reputation by not operating aboveboard in Ontario.
  • Unibet offers users several ways in which they can restrict/curb their betting, i.e., single bet limits, deposit limits, session limits, etc. Doing so does not let them maximize profits, but it shows that Unibet wants to help users with potential gambling problems protect themselves.
  • Should something go wrong, Unibet’s top-notch customer service team stands ready to handle any situation that may arise.
  • Canadian officials will undoubtedly put Unibet through a vetting process to ensure the company is reputable and provides a quality service.

Why Choose Unibet Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Betting online is not a new concept; people have been doing so for years with offshore sportsbooks. While the option to do so legally with a government-approved and monitored sportsbook will probably appeal to novice bettors, why should anyone switch from offshore sites?

The legality of betting with offshore sites is somewhat ambiguous, but there are benefits to betting with Unibet Ontario other than any potential legal issue. For one, the quality of the digital security with them is questionable, at best. Yes, offshore sites say they are secure and safe to use, but no one monitors them to make sure they are what they say they are.

Bet with Unibet, and you can rest assured that they will at least be meeting whatever minimum standard the regulatory body sets for online sports betting sites.

With offshore sites, you run the risk of not getting paid when you win. If a site does not pay, you have no legal recourse since it does not fall under Canadian law. Offshore sites have also been known to shut down out of the blue, taking any money users had deposited with them. But if Unibet or any other site licensed to operate in Ontario were not to pay or steal your money, you can turn to the government for help.

Even when they do pay, you can not count on getting paid in a timely fashion. Since it will be an international banking transaction, it will take longer to process and will likely cost you more as well. So, not only will your money be delayed, but you’ll also see less of it.

Why risk the possibility of legal issues and losing your money when you can bet with a perfectly good, government-approved sportsbook?

Why Can You Trust Unibet With Your Money?

Competitive odds, high-dollar bonuses, and the best promotions in the world will not get people to sign up with a sportsbook if they have any reason to think they cannot trust their money with it. So—why should you trust Unibet with your hard-earned money?

As a veteran in the industry, Unibet knows how important it is to make users feel like their money and information are safe with them. To that end, the company uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt information sent to and from the site.

The SSL certificate is issued and verified by Trustwave, a cybersecurity provider that focuses on threat detection and response. Financial details are sent over the internet just once before being stored in Unibet’s secure servers. Unibet also meets the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard.

But Unibet does not just sit on its laurels and trust its systems are safe and protected. The company has an intrusion detection system and has third-party providers test their system several times throughout the year.

There is no such thing as a fool-proof, 100% secure system. But users can trust their money with Unibet because they can rest assured that the company is doing everything it can to keep the money and information of its users safe.

Unibet Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?19+
What provinces is Unibet legal in?Ontario

Unibet Sportsbook Ontario FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online at Unibet in Ontario?

Yes. Ontario opened its igaming market to commercial sportsbooks on April 4, 2022. 

How old do you have to be to place a bet online with Unibet in Ontario?

The legal betting age in Ontario is 19.

How many sports can you bet on at Unibet Ontario?

The Unibet Canada site has 36 different sports listed, including major sports and a wide variety of niche sports. It also takes bet on WWE/Pro Wrestling, politics, TV/Novelty categories, and virtual sports. 

Can you engage in live, in-play betting with Unibet in Ontario?

As prevalent as live, in-play betting is in the US, it is likely that Unibet will offer it in Ontario.

Can I register for Unibet Ontario if I already have an account through the general Canadian website?

Yes. Users that already have an account with Unibet in Canada will be able to opt-in and move their accounts to the legalized platform.

Can I sign up with Unibet from anywhere in Ontario?

Yes. Unibet will use geolocation software to make sure users are located within the province’s borders.

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