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Blue Jays Media Care More About Canadian Content

Every time I have written (or anyone else for that matter) about the Jays adding a Canadian body to the squad it seems that Jay Fan could care less. [...]

Beeston=Comfort food

I don't know why, but news that Paul Beeston is driving the negotiation bus with AJ Burnett makes me feel a hell of a lot more comfortable then when J [...]

Beeston To Lead MLSE/Blue Jays?

Jeff Blair has a theory that certainly is worth discussing: "Could it be that we are on the verge of a seismic shift in Toronto's sports landscape, o [...]

Beeston is back!

Wow- even if just temporarily, what a great story out of the Ted today. Paul Beeston is back with the Jays as interim CEO. ""I don't know if I'll ha [...]

Gibbons Gets a Gig

Kansas City has hired John Gibbons as their new bench coach..... I know a certain reader who did the jig tonight.... [...]

J.P. Ricciardi Isn’t A Liar, Because HE Knows The Truth

It's an old story I know.... "It's not a lie, If I know the truth" I would love to say that the quote belonged to some great philosopher, but no it [...]

Godfrey: J.P. Ricciardi Will Return

Update: OK. This is the best quote I have seen in years: "I know this will be received with mixed emotions, not only in the media but by the fans a [...]

Cito Extension = J.P’s Return? Not So Fast

Quick post, our Pal Richard Griffin has in his article today a story that is being picked up by most media outlets which states that Cito is about to [...]

Richard Griffin’s Blog Rocks!

People may not like him, but man the guy's blog is good reading! A writer writes about the possibility of Carlos Delgado coming back. Recall that wh [...]

Tom Cheek- Vote now, vote often

Off all the guys involved with the Jays since inception, there is no doubt who owns the moniker Mr. Blue Jay, and that is Tom Cheek. Growing up a Jay [...]

Blue Jays on a tear, will it make a difference at the turnstile?

It was interesting listening to the Jays game on the radio last. On at least a couple of different occasion Jerry Howarth mentioned how disappointing [...]

Crazy eights and a medal for Mike Wilner

A hearty good morning to all, happy Olympic opening ceremony day, a day where Torontonians are left thinking what could have been. From my perspectiv [...]

Look out TO, Cito and a Killer on the loose

JP has announced that Cito will definitely be back for the 2009 season (unless of course its a lie right) also the Buds have hired Doug Gilmour as an [...]

J.P. Ricciardi needs media training immediately

J.P. was on his weekly call in radio show last night with Mike Wilner and he let this beauty escape his lips: "we are 7.5 back, we are playing our be [...]

Much like his hitters, J.P. struck out

Sounds like he tried to do a couple of things to help his club, but in fine form, like his players he was unable to connect.... Jays do nothing.... [...]

Evidence that Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi is toast

It's beyond odd that when a trade rumor is circulating about your biggest star that the person denying the story is not your GM, but rather your Presi [...]

Roy Halladay Thinks Cito Gaston May Just Be What the Blue Jays Need

It is pretty interesting to read what arguably Toronto's best and quietest athlete has to say about his team and their new (old) manager Cito Gaston: [...]

Does J.P. Ricciardi No Longer Have Control Over the Blue Jays

Hats off to The Star's Richard Griffin. His weekly email blog is terrific. Its too bad his columns aren't as good as his internet stuff. I guess th [...]

Groundhog Day….Roy Halladay speaks his mind on Jay’s losing ways

No matter you think about the Jays, I don't think there is a person out there who can criticize Roy Halladay. The guy is the quintessential supersta [...]
117181920380 / 388 POSTS